Put 10 competitive men in a room, in this case, the Ermenegildo Zegna boutique at Paragon. Issue them a personal styling challenge. And watch them sail from rack to rack, piling clothes onto one arm while thumbing through the suits and trousers with the other.

The 2017 A-Listers

That was the scene during the AUGUSTMAN x Ermenegildo Zegna Style Challenge. After a comprehensive briefing from Zegna’s Made-to-Measure and VIP Services manager as well as AUGUSTMAN’s fashion editor Chia Wei Choong, regarding the tenets of style and fashion, the 2017 A-Listers were each tasked to gear themselves up for casual and formal occasions using the boutique’s options.

All of them were given 20 minutes each to choose and style their models.

Dressing their respective models wasn’t the only task. The A-Listers also had to justify their styling decisions and their reasons for choosing the clothing items they picked out. From dressing up for the boardroom to walking along the streets of Paris, the judges and the A-Listers metaphorically travelled all over the world while explaining their reasons for selecting a particular Zegna piece. You could say it was their defining moment.

2017 A-Lister Gabriel Perera looking through the racks

At the end of the night, two gentlemen with an uncanny eye for style were able to complement their wardrobes with a generous prize from Ermenegildo Zegna. Gabriel Perera was deemed the best stylist when it came to formal wear, putting together a beautiful three-piece suit that was tied together very well with the accessories available on the racks while Richard Rubnan Que emerged triumphant for his casual polo shirt and sweater combo and matching pants.

Check out the video above to see what went down and the different looks picked by the 2017 A-Listers.

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