Google Guava Juice and you’ll find the fruity beverage at the near bottom of the first page.

Such is the popularity of Roi Fabito a.k.a. Guava Juice, the top-charting Youtuber and Digital Creator that he dominates most of  the searches on the search engine. Then again it’s not all that surprising. With over 16.8-million subscribers and 8.6-billion views on his YouTube channel, Roi has mastered the art of creating captivating content and successful entrepreneurship.

Born and raised in North Carolina, with roots in the Philippines, Roi has managed to build an ever-expanding, multi-million dollar business. Known for his insane challenges, bathtub experiments, silly DIYs, and random shenanigans – he has been able to capture the hearts of many and remind us that we should always embrace our inner child.

Now, Roi is taking his brand to the next level with an all-new animated series. The 26-episode YouTube animated series, “The Guava Juice Show” aired early this year. “To have an animated series based on me and the Guava Juice brand is beyond surreal. The show really captures the positive, chaotic, and fun nature of what my YouTube channel encapsulates except it takes it into a multi-versal level,” explains Roi.

According to Roi, each episode of “The Guava Juice Show” contains lessons that apply to real life like daily hardships. It also offers an idea on how to approach and solve them. In this interview with AugustMan, we speak to Roi to discover more about his new animated series and just what’s in store for fans of Guava Juice in the near future.

What was the inspiration behind creating this animated series?

The inspiration to create the animated series stemmed from being limited on the content I can film in real life. I wanted to launch my bathtub into space and bathe in slime. I knew that was extremely difficult to do. Creating an animated series made that idea possible. It was a great way to extend the brand to a vast universe of unlimited ideas.

Why did you feel now is the perfect time to launch it?

The time is perfect because there hasn’t been a good, animated show recently. This show is unique and refreshing enough to launch right now to fill that void.

How long does it take to produce an episode?

42 days

When you started out on YouTube in 2006, did you imagine it will get this big and successful?

Never. I had my eyes set to be a Nurse, but after multiple viral videos, my life said NOPE! NO NURSE! You’re going to be a creator and create videos and shows and whatever your heart desires!

Growing the brand just beyond YouTube into toys and other areas. What was your approach in expanding your presence beyond the confines of just social media?

My approach was always to keep growing and elevating the brand and company as much as I can. I’ve learned as a business, you need to constantly provide a beating heart to your brand in order for it to develop and fruit!

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about being a content creator?

Mental health. I caught myself always diving into numbers. If I don’t hit a certain amount of views this month, then I am a failure was my mindset for the longest time. It was toxic and I was often getting sad if I didn’t meet that criteria I set for myself. I often burnt out and projected into my work. I learned to be still and mindful and appreciate every little thing instead. It is so important to keep yourself in check, because in the long run it is so much healthier and more beneficial than constantly checking numbers and constantly creating content every single day.

What would your advice be for those looking to become content creators themselves?

Don’t stop. Don’t be disappointed if things don’t turn out the way you thought it would go. Constantly keep moving forward and make sure you’re always having fun. Things will go right if you’re loving what you do.

Looking at your progression from YouTube to where you are now at, where do you see Guava Juice progressing to next?

The world is constantly changing. Web3 is coming up, so I want to dive more into that space. I also want to start my own plant shop and a rice pudding store in the future! Two of my current favourite things!

Photos: Storm Santos

written by.

Richard Augustin

Digital Editor
Richard went from the confines of the kitchen working as a professional chef into the realm of media twenty years ago. In his two-decade career in writing, he has plied his trade in a number of regional print and digital media organisations in the lifestyle, in-flight, entertainment and finance space. When not busy chasing deadlines and writing stories for AugustMan, you can find him experimenting with recipes in his kitchen.

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