Love cup noodles and fish head curry?

Well, good news then because cup noodles expert, Nissin is giving you just what you want. Nissin Cup Noodles have unveiled a new Fish Head Curry flavour, which is the first local-inspired, limited-edition creation exclusive to Singapore.

We can’t imagine what the iconic Singaporean dish flavour would taste like served in the form of instant noodles. However both our taste buds and imagination are piqued. According to the description by Nissin, the Fish Head Curry cup noodles features a new full-bodied soup base that tantalises your tastebuds with mildly spicy stewed fish umami and hints of creamy coconut milk and lemongrass fragrance.

cup noodle nissin fish head curryIt is reportedly packed with lots of ingredients such as cabbage, taupok, fishball and spring onions. As such the new Fish Head Curry flavour cup noodle offers extra bites and mouthfeel in every serving.

“Nissin endeavours to delight consumers’ tastebuds by interpreting cuisines from around the world and presenting it in the form of a cup-type noodle,” explains Mr Sakai Tatsuya, Managing Director of Nissin Foods Singapore. “This year, Nissin sought inspiration from Singapore’s rich culinary heritage to recreate the Fish Head Curry flavour and made it the first local‑inspired flavour to launch here for a limited time period.”

The Nissin Fish Head Curry flavour will be available at major supermarkets and convenience stores island wide starting 4 April 2022. It is priced at S$1.50 per cup, however prices may vary at retailer’s discretion. Since it is a Singapore exclusive and a limited-edition flavour, there’s a high chance that you might not even get your hands on a single cup.

(Images: Nissin)

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