If you are a cat owner in Singapore and like to spoil your pet, this new boutique hotel — The Luxe Meownor — should be on your list as it offers the best and luxury facilities for your feline friend.

Started by Brenda Wang, the pet hotel is a boarding place with chambers that have ample space for cats. Owners can leave their pets here for a relaxed and fun staycation. The place is managed by experienced and certified cat carers and rescuers.

More about The Luxe Meownor

The public area in the hotel. (Image credit: Brenda Wang)

The hotel boasts three types of Bed Chambers with options of street and garden views, along with a Drawing Room, Chambermaids Hall and Botanic Terrace.

  • Bed Chamber Type BC 1 to BC 9 are 2.3 square metres and can accommodate up to two cats. The cost per bed chamber/night/cat is $48 nett and an additional $20 nett for the second cat.
  • Bed Chamber Type VBC 1 & VBC 2, also 2.3 square metres, can take in up to two cats per bed chamber. Costing $68 nett per bed chamber/night/cat, an additional $20 nett must be paid for the second cat.
  • Bed Chamber Type MBC 1 & MBC2 span 3.2 square metres and can lodge up to three cats. The cost is $88 nett per bed chamber/night/cat. An additional $20 nett each has to be made for the second and third cat. One special feature in these chambers is a cat Solarium.

The cost includes guests’ daily maintenance with services like facial and sanitary cleaning, fur brushing and nails trimming, teeth brushing and a fur massage with organic pure extra virgin coconut oil.

Before dropping their cats, the owners should be aware that viewing or visitation is strictly by appointment only and boarding has to be booked in advance. All cats must be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to check-in, FeLV & FIV test reports should be submitted at the hotel and male cats must be neutered. Proof of sterilisation is also required.

We spoke to Wang about The Luxe Meownor and why she decided to start this hotel. Read on to know about her vision and journey.

How did you get the idea of starting this hotel?

The Luxe Meownor
Image credit: The Luxe Meownor/Instagram

Our rescue team, Rescuers Commewnity’s work at my previous office was stopped when Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) enforcement officers came to shut us down because pets are not allowed in offices located in industrial buildings, and I didn’t know that. My team and I couldn’t stop our rescue efforts and, therefore, we decided to open a pet boarding place where we could continue our work and at the same time, generate income by helping cat owners to board their cats.

Did you face any challenges while opening this hotel?

Yes, it was very difficult for us to find a place that will be approved by the URA and landlords who are agreeable to pet boarding. It also took us about two months to get clearance from various authorities and obtain our permits. We also had to pester a few MPs to help us through.

Where did you get the inspiration for The Luxe Meownor?

I was devastated when our rescue work was abruptly shut down. The thought of giving up rescuing was there, but when I saw how supportive my volunteers and members from my Facebook cat group, Cats & Kittens of Singapore, were, I knew I couldn’t stop. The idea of starting this place mainly is to enable us to continue with our rescues, but I also created this place whilst putting myself in a cat owner’s shoes. I do want to be able to trust the place and the people caring for my cats.

Is there anything else you would like to share about The Luxe Meownor?

The Luxe Meownor is not just a boarding facility where we feed and clean litter pans. We are a cat caring hotel where we treat the cats as ours the moment they come through the door.

Wang, an owner of two cats, is an avid cat rescuer and runs a Facebook cat group, Cats & Kittens of Singapore, with a growing membership of 14,000.

Brenda Wang
Image credit: Brenda Wang

This cat hotel is located at 259 Jalan Besar, Level 2 & Attic, Singapore 20893. Stay bookings are by appointment only. Visit the FB page THE LUXE MEOWNOR for all the details. You can also get in touch with them on Instagram:  @theluxemeownor or message on Whatsapp +65 9653 7300.

(Main and featured images courtesy Brenda Wang)

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