Love movies and the cinema? Well this one’s for you.

With the world opening up again and some resemblance of normalcy returning, people are out and about again. Naturally, one of the places that we love to go to is the cinema and a new research has revealed the best places in the world for movie buffs. If you love movies and want a better bang-for-your-buck cinema experience, here are the places you need to go to find the cheapest movie tickets in the world.

This study by looked at the average cost of one cinema ticket for an international release film, revealing where in the world movie tickets are the cheapest and most expensive. In terms of cost, Turkey was revealed as the cheapest with an average cinema ticket costing just €2.06 (S$3.09).

cheapest movie ticketsAcross the Causeway, Malaysia is a good place to catch a flick as a ticket costs €3.13 (S$4.70). Kazakhstan was third with a ticket costing €3.23 (S$4.85). The research also revealed the most expensive countries to go to the movies.

As you would expect Switzerland emerged as the most expensive place in the world to go to the cinema. A trip to the movies there will set you back €18.23 (S$27.37). Ranking in 2nd place was Denmark with a single ticket costing €14.79 (S$22.21). Saudi Arabia was ranked third with a ticket costing €14.79 (S$21.23), and Japan in fourth – €14.07 (S$21.13).

Best Cities For Movie Buffs

Cheapest Movie Tickets
London has the most cinemas. Image: Hulki Okan Tabak/Unsplash

The study also revealed the world’s best cities for film lovers, scoring on factors such as the number of cinemas, film festivals and filming locations. The top scoring city was London, home to the famous Leicester Square. When it came to filming locations, Los Angeles came out tops with a total of 18,241 spots.

New York was the top place for film festivals with 1,152 with London scoring the most film tours with 104. The cities with the most cinemas are London (161), Paris (112) and Hong Kong (93). View the full research here.

(Main image: Krists Luhaers/Unsplash; Featured image: Myke Simon/Unsplash)

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