Throughout A-List 2019, you’ve caught all 10 men craft their own blend of Scotch whisky and you’ve seen them balance on surfing boards. What’s next you ask? Act.

As AUGUSTMAN’s A-List 2019 draw to a close, the candidates have to perform an act based on three categories: rhythm, tone, and charisma. With only an hour to rehearse, the boys have to step out of their comfort zone, dig deep into their artistic nature, and shamelessly present one hell of a performance to win the final challenge.

By now, you’ve heard the A-List candidates share about their experience. As well as what success and being an A-Lister means to them. So which men prevailed in the third challenge? Watch the third and last episode to find out.

written by.
Lester Tan
Lester is into films, food and basically anything culture related under the sun.

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