It’s hard to pick which events to follow in the Olympics unless you’re a diehard fan of a particular sport. Then there’s the problem of missing significant moments for athletes in other events because you have your eyes locked somewhere else. So just in case you missed it, here are another three moments in the Olympics thus far to note.

1) Kosovo’s first Olympics and first win
For many countries with tense local and regional situations, this year’s Olympics has been a bit of a light in the dark. Just yesterday, Kosovo, a country that had only established independence from Serbia in 2008, participated in the Olympics for the first time and won its first gold medal. Majlinda Kelmendi, the athlete who won the gold medal, was in tears after her win in the 52kg division of women’s judo. It is really hard not to applaud her victory after seeing 25-year-old’s earnest reaction to being able to win on behalf of her country.

2) Rio’s own sporting Cinderella story
In another judo event, Brazil won its first gold medal in the Rio Olympics. This may not be a day five update, but it is still a remarkable story. On Monday, Rafaela Silva won a gold in the 57kg division of women’s judo. The Rio local grew up in the well-known slum of Cidade de Deus. With all the criticism surrounding Rio’s extravagant Olympics preparations while many of its citizens are struggling in poverty, Silva’s win marks a victory for both Brazil and athletes of humble backgrounds.

3) Singapore sailing team shows well in preliminaries
Singapore still hasn’t won any medals yet but there are still numerous days and multiple chances for our athletes to place. For one, Singapore sailors Denise Lim and Justin Liu placed second in their opening race for the mixed Nacra 17 event in sailing yesterday. It’s a great start, and though there are 10 more races to get through in the preliminaries, here’s hoping they continue to show well and make it to the next round.

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