The salons of 18th century France hosted conversations about some of the most revolutionary cultural and political changes at that time. The model for these salons provided an informal environment for curiosity, banter, and most importantly, good conversations.

Women ran these salons. They curated the guest list, picked the topic, and guided the conversation. The inclusivity of women allowed for greater perspective and more challenging discussions for everyone.

The 1880 members club is inspired by these salons but has redefined the definition of the stereotypical member, thanks to one of its tenets of inclusivity. Men and women alike are accepted, breaking the mold of your typical gold member (an old white man).

Tea-tail cocktail class hosted by Shuzo Nagumo, mixologist from Tokyo. This event for members was a highlight from cocktail week.

The club always embraced diversity, and as they expanded into programming they were similarly inspired by the French salon model.

The Inspiration of 1880

Marc Nicholson, one of the founders of 1880, grew up in a household that encouraged conversations. Each Wednesday night, his father had a host of businessmen, artists, professors, and students over to discuss a variety of issues.

Nicholson’s worldview was shaped by the conversations that transpired around him as a young child and now he has translated the importance of empathy and listening into 1880’s programming.

Through a variety of events, including panels, film screenings, discussions, and wellness events, 1880 hopes to inspire conversations that unite different types of people and redefine the work-life balance.

Events at 1880

One of the most popular events 1880 hosted was a debrief of the Trump-Kim Summit here in Singapore. Over 200 attendees arrived eager to process the implications on our future. Some key guests included a Milken Institute Asia Fellow, the founder of a non-profit that helps bring business workshops to North Korea, and a Washington Post staffer.

The range of speakers’ backgrounds ensured a more balanced conversation with no one side or opinion dominating the discussion.

Members debate the political implications of the Kim-Trump summit at 1880 “When Trump met Kim” event.

Some topics such as undressing feminism are heavy, while others are more relaxed yet equally as stimulating, like the impact of online dating on our love lives.

Earlier in July, 1880 hosted a panel on how blockchain technology can be a force for good. The moderator was Teymoor Nabili, veteran journalist turned CEO of  “The Singal”  news site, and the panelists include a range of technology experts.

In A World Like This…

Social media has increased the amount of information and dialogue, yet it has done little to help us process the confusing world we live in. Talk is constant, but dialogue is rare. Being an 1880 member means being a part of a community that accepts and promotes diversity.

The club embraces and exudes this ideal while providing opportunities for members to practice wellness and exercise their intellectual curiosity. And in a world like the one we live in now, it’s increasingly important to be well-read or risk being misled.

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