Inventions and Innovation. That is the theme of this year’s Singapore Night Festival. An extravaganza of creative performances, the festival is definitely something to look forward to this year. Inspired by the steampunk genre, the performances are fantastical visual spectacles, incorporating the aesthetics of the Industrial Revolution with intricate storytelling.

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Be prepared to welcome Acrojou, from the U.K., with their original post-apocalyptic love story, The Wheel House. Also in the lineup is Les Aquamens, a roaming performance by the Machtiern Company from France, involving two men attempting to communicate with passers-by while their heads are stuck in goldfish bowls. Enjoy other acts from the U.K., France, Brazil and the Netherlands, as well as the Festival Village and Bloc Party @ Armenian Street. There will also be workshops and activities in the various participating museums. In short, there is a multitude of activities for visitors to enjoy.

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The main attraction of this year’s festival is a giant immersive performance at Cathay Green, House of Curiosities. This performance will be the only ticketed part of the festival. The storyline follows a mechanical heart, and audiences will be delighted with the engaging performance and captivating set. In House of Curiosities, an inventor builds a time machine and takes his son with him to the subterranean depths to explore the crystal caves. Follow them on their adventure to see what wonders they discover and obstacles they will face.

The festival will be a wonder to behold, for sure, but beyond that, this is a chance for the audience to participate and be involved in a magical nighttime adventure that they probably won’t get another chance to experience.

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The 2016 Singapore Night Festival will be held on 19, 20, 26 and 27 August in the Bras Basah and Bugis area from 7.30 pm – 2 am. Tickets for House of Curiosities are available at Sistic for $15.

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