It’s a month for art lovers.

It’s eternal summer here in Singapore, but if you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season, the city’s events are in full swing this month. If you’re an art aficionado or just love the arts, rest assured there are plenty of events, exhibitions and showcases in Singapore to keep you occupied all through July 2022.

From creative films to traditional arts and photography, there are plenty of events happening in July 2022 in Singapore to fill up your diary. If you have the time to spare, we’ve curated a few that you may want to put on your radar.

For starters, Mizuma Gallery envisions the Singapore art scene through the eyes of eight Indonesian artists. There’s also STPI’s Visiting Artists Programme that’s worthy of a look. July also sees the return of National Gallery Singapore’s festival of international films on art, Painting with Light.

Those who have a soft spot for photography should pop by the Leica Gallerie Singapore for AikBeng Chia’s showcase. And traditional art lovers will want to plan a visit to Asian Civilisations Museum sometime soon. The museum is exploring the rich history and culture of batik with rarely seen pieces from the National Collection.

Read on below for some other notable events in Singapore this month. Who knows, some of them may inject a bit of fun and colour into your life.

A version of this story was first published on Prestige Singapore.

(Main image: Painting with Light@ National Gallery Singapore; featured image: Leica Gallerie)


Broken White Project: Tropenwelle
Broken White Project: Tropenwelle
22 Lock Rd, #01-34 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108939

Featuring eight Indonesian artists, this exhibition at Mizuma Gallery envisions the Singapore art scene as one of the main pillars of contemporary Asian art today. In a variety of conceptual works, the artists showcase their ongoing process of reading and reconstructing historical records and cultural practices in order to explore the challenges of the future of Asian contemporary art.

2-31 July

Image: Riono Tanggul Nusantoro, courtesy of the artist and Mizuma Gallery

Painting with Light
Painting with Light
1 St Andrew's Rd 1 St Andrew's Rd, Singapore 178957

National Gallery Singapore’s well-loved annual festival of international films on art, Painting with Light, returns to the Gallery for its fifth edition. From 1 to 24 July, over 50 amazing short films and award-winning feature-length films will be screening at the Gallery, with select films available online on microsite.

As the world grapples with social issues such as inequality and displacement, this year’s film festival looks at the interactions between art and social commentary. Centred around the theme “Interventions in Space”, the festival invites audiences to explore how artists address and challenge existing realities to inspire new perspectives and change.

1-24 July

Image: National Gallery Singapore

Second Movement
Second Movement
41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236

STPI has worked with over 100 artists from all around the world through its Visiting Artists Programme, in which artists are invited to explore creating works in print and papermaking. The creative workshop and gallery is showcasing 41 works by 21 of these artists – each a testament to how these mediums can be endlessly reimagined through the creators who push the limits of what can be achieved.

Until July 24

Image: Han Sai Por / STPI. Photo courtesy of the Artist and STPI. 

AikBeng Chia’s Exhibition: Art ‘R’ Us
AikBeng Chia’s Exhibition: Art ‘R’ Us
Leica Galerie Singapore, 328 North Bridge Road, #01-20, Singapore 188719

Leica Galerie Singapore presents this exhibition, which peeks behind the curtain of 12 homegrown artists to reveal the characters who’ve been key players in Singapore’s blossoming creative scene.

These people are makers, creators and artists who have demonstrated a high degree of artistic talent and skill over the past decade, in Singapore. The cream of the crop in their respective communities. The series of portraits draw a connection to the artists and their creations. Developing a sense of understanding for these artists and show them as more than their art, but also as people. The photos portray not only the physical being, but also the hearts and minds behind beloved works of wonderment and creations of epic proportions we know, as art.

2 July-24 August

Image: Leica Gallerie

Superfluous things: Paper
Superfluous things: Paper
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065

This exhibition for the young and young at heart at SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark transforms the simple material, paper, into various forms. The visually stunning artworks explore the concept of paper as a carrier of ideas and encoded with material intelligence. As part of the Singapore Art Museum’s commitment to sustainability, up to 80 per cent of the material used is based on paper, a renewable resource.

Until August 14

Image: Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan / STPI. Photo courtesy of the Artists and STPI.  

Batik Kita: Dressing in Port Cities
Batik Kita: Dressing in Port Cities
1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555

Delve into Southeast Asian heritage through this exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum exploring the rich history and culture of batik and batik-making, from its traditional roots to contemporary designs. Discover over 100 batik masterpieces from overseas and local lenders, as well as rarely seen pieces from the National Collection.

Until October 2

Image: Kain panjang with procession of figures. Courtesy of Asian Civilisations Museum 

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