Crazy Horse Paris first came to Singapore more than a decade ago and shook up the nightlife scene with its brand of naked couture, a heart-thumping, jaw-dropping cabaret that left its viewers talking about the show weeks after the curtains came down. Unfortunately, Crazy Horse Paris permanently shuttered its doors about a year and a half after it opened to much fanfare, due to “difficulties in marketing it”, said Andrée Deisenberg, the chief creative officer for Crazy Horse Paris.

The famous Parisian cabaret has finally returned to our shores for two weeks. For those who never had a chance to watch a Crazy Girl in action, this is your chance to find out what the fuss is all about. Deisenberg tells us more about what you can expect from the show and lets us backstage to catch the girls getting ready for a show.

What does it take to be a Crazy Girl?

She needs to be classically trained in ballet, measure between 1.68 and 1.73 metres tall, have not had any plastic surgery, exude a feminine charisma, and most importantly, possess a certain je ne sais quoi, which loosely translated to English means ‘an intangible quality that makes something attractive’.

What are the differences between the Parisian cabaret and the travelling show?

The Parisian venue is the original cabaret that dates from 1951. It is an intimate space with 250 seats, lined in plush red velvet and dotted with endless mirrors. The show is performed on the signature Crazy stage, which is very small (two metres high, six metres long and three metres deep) and acts as the perfect frame for the dancers. 

In order to faithfully replicate the original show, we present the touring show with the same type of stage and show equipment. In addition, all Crazy Girls on tour have trained and performed at the Crazy Horse in Paris. Since the tour venues are usually larger than our cabaret in Paris, we enhance the show experience by simultaneously screening the performance on two big LED screens, placed on either side of the stage.

What can someone who has yet to watch a Crazy Horse Paris show expect to see?

Describing a Crazy Horse Paris show is very difficult. The colour, beauty, talent, humour, music, lighting and everything else is unlike anything you’ve seen. I especially enjoy the flow and rhythm, the stories that are portrayed and interpreted by the Crazy Girls, the stunning lighting and projection effects that blur the border between reality and fiction, and the energy, precision and charisma of the cast.

For Singapore, Forever Crazy combines the best acts of our current and classical repertoire.I believe guests will be surprised. it’s a beautiful 90-minute escape that will leave you dreaming for days to come.

Two Crazy Girls get ready for the Singapore show

Every little detail counts

Putting on the high heels

Wigs on, costumes ready, robes… almost off

A bit of fun before the curtain rises

Forever Crazy by Crazy Horse Paris is showing at the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands until 22 Oct 2017. Get your tickets here.

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