2015 has been an incredible year for gaming and as such, we felt like it would only be appropriate to award the games that have stood out from the rest. So here are the “Best Games of 2015”. Fair warning, the titles of these awards are a little unconventional, to say the least.

Best for Sociopathic Tendencies- GTA V

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Now before you go screaming that GTA V was released in 2013, let me clarify that I’m talking about the PC version of this sandbox game. Rockstar Games had become infamous for delaying the release of the latest instalment of their flagship series, but they redeemed themselves in April this year. If gamers thought the recreated Los Angeles (or Los Santos) was detailed on Playstation and Xbox, the first-person view for PC made it even more incredible. Going on a murderous rampage has never been so satisfying. Packed with a dynamic story mode that includes challenging tasks (like making a drug run in a propeller plane) and immersive online multiplayer, GTA V was certainly worth the wait.

Best Post-apocalyptic World Simulator- Fallout 4

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You’re not properly prepared for the apocalypse until you’ve played the latest instalment of Bethesda Game Studios’ award-winning series: Fallout 4. Like its predecessor, Fallout 3, you are given so much freedom this game feels like an apocalyptic Second Life. Apart from being able to choose how your character looks and what attributes he/she has, you have to decide between following the main mission, completing side quests or exploring the sprawling map ( beware of Deathclaws though). You can even chat with your trusty companions if you feel like you’ve gone without human interaction for too long. The game won best of E3 earlier this year, beating other big names like Uncharted 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront, and I think it was rightly so. 

Best for Injuring Thumbs- Mortal Kombat X

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As far as fighting video games go, I have never enjoyed one as much as Mortal Kombat. The cheesy lines, the brutal fatalities and the incredible graphics have always ensured hours of button-mashing fun (hence the thumb injuries). 2015 saw some major updates to the Mortal Kombat X gameplay. Before each fight, players get to choose between three combatant modes for their characters. Each of these modes offer unique skillsets for that particular character, thus making gameplay more dynamic. Old favourites like Sub-Zero and Scorpion return to wreak havoc while newcomers Cassie Cage (daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade) and D’Vorah (pictured above, left) present new tactics.

Best for Annoying Online Opponents- FIFA 16

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We all know that friend who spends all of his free time gleefully dribbling circles around his opponent on FIFA while they continuously scream expletives at him over the mic. However, a little unsportsmanlike conduct does not take anything away from the beauty that is FIFA 16. Every year EA Sports continues to astound fans by producing an instalment of the game that is incredibly advanced. The game has come so far from its humble beginnings of pixelated men chasing a ball that defied the laws of physics. FIFA 16 on the other hand takes real-world experience to another level. Gameplay mechanics have been added to enhance the realism of this game. For example, you now cannot launch an inch-perfect pass if you are not even looking in the general direction. Unsurprisingly, the graphics are also getting better every year, with more details being added to players (like scars and tattoos). If you haven’t gotten your copy, we suggest you do. It’s a great game for a night with the guys.

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