Technology is an amazing thing. We have self-driving cars, robots cooking food in restaurants, and now we’re about to be introduced to Virtual Intercourse with Real People (VIRP). Don’t worry, we were just as bewildered. Recently adult webcam CamSoda announced that it was partnering up with RealDoll to take the VR porn and “camming” to the next level.

We’re going to cut right down to the chase. How does it work? Well, basically it combines the use of teledildonics and VR. A user first books a session with a webcam model. The model is equipped with a WiFi-enabled vibrator that is connected to the “male masturbator” owned by the user. With these items virtually connected to one another, whatever happens to the vibrator gets sent to the masturbator as “pressure data” to simulate the sensation of real sex. According to a press statement, CamSoda VP Daryl Parker claims this to be the “ultimate sensory experience, one that mimics real-life interaction.”

We’re still undecided on whether this invention is a good thing, to be honest. We’re all for the advancement of technology, but this hints at a possibility of a future where young men just take to VR to fulfil their… needs. Call us old fashioned but some things are best left the way they are. In any case, it’s unclear how well this service will be received. We’ll need to hear back from the early adopters before we can make an informed decision.

If you think that this might be right up your alley, what you’ll need is a VR headset (even a Google Cardboard will do) and a RealDoll. We’re still unsure if the VIRP version of the latter will be available in Singapore, but if it does, be prepared to be set back $10,000. That’s what the regular models are going for right now, which are available in Singapore by the way.

Still, Daryl Parker is adamant that VIRP is the future. “Fifteen years ago people thought cell phones were weird and unnecessary. Look at them today,” he mentioned. “While there may be some initial hesitation, I anticipate people acquiescing and seeing this for what it is — an awesome product that fulfils people’s deepest desires.”

Sure, if you say so Mr Parker.

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