The holidays, a time for gift-giving, which can lead to the intake of massive amounts of alcohol from the stress of having to deal with gift-giving. Not to mention having to handle the family. Relatives, good cheer and repetitive carols playing on the car radio, in the mall, basically everywhere you go. That’s why we’ve realised that it’s essential to be packing, at all times. Whisky and cognac are a personal preference in my case, but you might prefer to swig gin out of a flask.

But you can’t lug a thermos full of G&T everywhere you go. That’s not elegant. Some options that we’ve come across this season, however, might be a little more up your alley. And they make for a perfect Christmas gift for any friend who’s knee-deep in family, friends and holiday celebrations. Just make sure you aren’t gifting him an empty flask – at least fill it up with his favourite (or your favourite) poison of choice.

1. Rag & Bone NM + Target Flask
Yes in case you haven’t heard, an unlikely combination featuring one of the most exclusive retail group in the US and one of the most accessible. 50 gifts to pick up at either location, featuring design pieces, fashion items and more. But Rag & Bone’s contribution to this little gift stack is a handsome whisky flask in stainless steel, cleverly grooved on the body to ensure you don’t lose your grip in the cold (or after you’ve had a few). Available at

2. Royal Selangor Hip Flask
Pewter is surprisingly good when it comes to retaining coolness – it incidentally makes for excellent beer mugs – and so if you prefer your drink chilled, a pewter hip flask from Royal Selangor might just do the trick. The company does have a few varieties, from crescent-shaped designs to the classic weathered flask and a nautically-inspired version with a porthole for peeking into the contents, just to make sure you have enough to share. But this faceted design is elegant and modern, and perfect for either gender. Available here.

3. David Linley Flask
Sharing is caring, and that’s why we contribute to the Boy’s Brigade Christmas Donation programme, and share our whisky with our friends. Which is made much easier with the David Linley Flask that comes with miniature glasses. It comes with an engravable plaque that you can have a note dedicated to, and each flask is handmade in David Linley’s workshop. Wrapped in leather, this can be ordered online. Check it out at

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23 Days Till Christmas – Hip Flasks
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