Fans of Ultraman will want this premium statue by XM in their den.

The award-winning global design studio has unveiled its latest premium collectible – an Ultraman (C Type) statue, from its acquisition of the Ultraman license. The 60cm statue takes after Japan’s most iconic superheroes from the nostalgic TV series. It is the first collectible from XM’s new Ultraman range.

One Japan’s most iconic and beloved superhero characters, Ultraman was first introduced to audiences in 1966. Created by special effects wizard, Eiji Tsuburaya, the series ran for 39 episodes. Following a stellar reception, Tsuburaya created a follow-up, Ultra Seven, which is part of the Tsuburaya Productions Ultra Series project.

The Endearing Appeal Of Ultraman

Ultraman Statue

Over the years, Ultraman has endeared to new generation of audiences. A pop culture icon, even Omega could not resist collaborating on a special edition ‘Ultraman’ Speedmaster. Due to the character’s massive popularity in Asia, Ultraman, during the 80s, ranked as the top-selling licensed characters in the world.

In the past 55 years, the character has undergone many reinventions. Netflix launched a highly-popular anime series in 2019, with a second season due out later this year. There is also a live-action Japanese superhero kaiju film hitting cinemas in 2022.  Directed by Shinji Higuchi, Shin Ultraman is a reimagining of the series.

With the hype Ultraman stronger than ever, this premium statue by XM comes at a perfect time.  A fitting addition to any collection, the Ultraman (C Type) statue was conceptualised by XM together with acclaimed sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto, who worked as the 3D artist for this statue.

XM’s interpretation features Ultraman in a unique defensive pose, hand-painted to perfection without compromising on the incredible screen accurate details, down to the folds of the C Type suit. The statue will come with sequential lighting for the eyes and chest for added flair.

At the base of the statue lies a Jet VTOL, which Ultraman stands guard over. Fans of the series will recognise the aircraft, which ferried members of the Science Special Search Party (SSSP) as they battled against Kaiju and other threats.

The premium statues, priced at S$1,399, can be ordered from XM’s website. In celebration of the 55th anniversary of Singapore-Japan relations known as SJ55, XM will also be releasing a thematic premium collectibles series later in 2022.

(Images: XM Studios)

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Iconic Japanese Superhero Ultraman Gets His Own Premium XM Statue
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