IKEA. What we typically deem as dorm furniture, or when you need it ‘cheap and good’, or at least, long-lasting. Never mind that you have to DIY, or that it never seems quite finished. IKEA’s the go to for most people who need something quick. Or they’re on a budget.

That’s changing. IKEA’s taken a leaf out of high fashion designers who are swiping right on street style fashion labels and doing collabs. One big upcoming launch (no dates announced yet) is with the hyped Virgil Abloh. Abloh was announced yesterday as the new menswear artistic director for Louis Vuitton. The multi-hyphenate has done lots in various industries and IKEA is his next conquest.

Tom Dixon X IKEA

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other interesting designer collabs by IKEA, all to be released in the next 3 months starting this weekend. First up is Tom Dixon, who’s probably best known for his very pricey lighting and accessories for the home. Dixon plays with shapes like a sculptor plays with Play-Doh: effortlessly. His project with IKEA is centered around modular furnishings and sustainability. Perfect for people who get bored of their interiors after a couple of years. Instead of buying new stuff and chucking out the old, Dixon suggests changing up the layout and mix.

The Dixon collab is really one product range, called DELAKTIG, which means “involved” in Swedish. It’s a modular platform system that starts from S$379 and can be stacked with seat cushions to change it up from a couch to lounge chair, bed, daybed, long-seater or armchair. Cushions, modular components and supporting backrests that hold the modular pieces in place start from S$80. The design is sleek and fuss-free, with different cover colours and accessories such as reading lamps for bonus style.

Chris Stamp X IKEA

LA designer and creative designer of Stampd, Chris Stamp, has introduced a new line called SPÄNST with the Swedish company. SPÄNST translates to “elasticity” and Stamp’s collection is designed for free and open use. While there are specific pieces of furniture, Stamp’s work is meant to keep your options flexible. A high table (S$399) and standing support (S$109) can be used as a workstation, a bartop or anything else. Shoeboxes work as stacked containers. More importantly, IKEA is adding lifestyle products to its portfolio with skateboards and duffel bags.

There’s a hoodie, T-shirt and cap, all homages to his own street past. But his favourite is the LED light stick – a minimal, stylish lamp that can be clipped onto the wall, or leaned against it. “The light is just an awesome piece. You can use it in so many different realms, and the fact that you can charge it with your USB makes it really flexible.” Our favourite is the freestanding wardrobe, which can be used as a cabinet or anything else you deem fit. The collection comes out in May 2018 in Singapore.

Bea Åkerlund X IKEA

She’s better known in fashion circles, having developed costumes for Madonna, Rihanna and Beyoncé. Now she’s come up with a collection of home products that will make your apartment look like a Lady Gaga music video set. Or an Alice in Wonderland scene. It’s a little psychedelic and weird, but we have some outstanding favourites here. Her home accessories are really suited for any gender, any age and space. Unless you’re for the austere, serious, no-fun zone type of look, that is. It’s called OMEDELBAR (“immediate” in Swedish).

Hand wall decorations that double as hooks and hanging spots for miscellaneous items (S$59 for 2) and a gold standing rack are sure to be popular. Our highlights are the wacky vases she’s come up with, one styled like a top hat and another a heeled boot. The top hat vase also doubles as a wine chiller or fish tank, in case you’re short on space and ideas on what to do with it. Åkerlund’s designs are not meant for the sedate; use it to liven up a space. The collection is out in Singapore June 2018.

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