The Lunar New Year is upon us.

Floral arrangements with lucky orchards and plum blossoms. A wardrobe shaded in red and gold. Idiomatic dinner dishes. The only thing missing? Auspicious homeware to match.

Luckily, Off-White has released a limited range of dining and home essentials, allowing for traditional Chinese New Year celebrations at home to become a showcase for the stylish and trendy. These see the brand’s signature homeware painted in an auspicious shade of red perfect for the festivities — and well beyond the season.

Here are our top picks from the Off-White Chinese New Year home collection.

CNY chopstick set

off-white chinese new year

Whatever the event or holiday or season, when it comes to South East Asian cuisine, chopsticks are a dinnerware mainstay. To make Chinese New Year ‘lo hei’ (prosperity toss) traditions a touch more luxurious, auspicious even, these bamboo chopsticks will be a rightfully cool addition to festive dinners — if not also a showy utensil to dine with. Logo-engraved with the Off-White icons along the top, this pair slots into an accompanying black pouch, marked by the iconic quotation-marked script ‘Take Out’ in a glossy font. On the side, a tagged neon orange label marks these chopstick’s place in the brand’s ‘Home’ collection.

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CNY Wool Blanket

off-white chinese new year

Should we have cold and rainy weather for Chinese New Year and the seasonal crackly claypot rice be not warming nor comforting enough, then perhaps this wool blanket from Off-White will do the trick for a cosy embrace. Knitted with a thick, textural heavy gauge, this blanket will see you through the chilly season and beyond, not to mention make for a great decorative throw worth bragging about. With its red and gold-ish (we’re passing off the cream-coloured logo for it) colourway, and being born out of a collection dedicated to Chinese New Year, we’re hoping it’s one that will also usher in heaps of luck, wealth and prosperity too.

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CNY Ceramic Tea Set

off-white chinese new year

Annual dinner gatherings in Chinese New Year are often preceded, enjoyed and followed with endless brews and nuanced conversation of special tea blends — from the light, fragrant jasmine to the bitter, earthy pu-erh. To impress discerning relatives this traditional festival, the ceramic tea set may be a considerable contender. While grandma might not truly appreciate the flash of the subtly engraved Off-White logo at the base of the cups that only becomes visible as you take a sip — or the hefty price tag for that matter — the bright, retina-searing shade of scarlet red will be what truly wins her over. After all, is there anything better than pouring out and drinking from a lucky-red teapot and cup? In this case, perhaps yes, an Off-White lucky-red teapot and cup.

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CNY logo cushion

off-white chinese new year

Eight courses, countless slices of nian gao and cups of tea later, you’re just looking to sink into the nearest armchair and succumb to the food coma slowly washing over. How wonderful would it be to lean back into the soft, fuzzy exterior of this Off-White, CNY-limited cushion? Sure, any cotton-stuffed pillow would do just the same. But the compliments you’ll receive? The admiration? The envious strokes on the mohair-blend exterior? Irreplaceable. So bag this logo-stamped piece in both sizes, large and small. Did we also mention it’s awash in red? So perfect for Chinese New Year.

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This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

(Main image: Off-White/ Tiger Zhang; All other images: Off-White)

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