E3 is the name of the game and has been for almost 20 years. It manages to get fanboys from around the world hyped up for new releases, gameplays and interviews with the creators themselves. This year’s E3 was no exception. With a whopping 68,400 attendees it has officially come to a close. Being such a huge event, it can be tedious to follow all new game reveals. We’ve decided instead to list our favourite reveals to keep your eyes peeled out for, all of them hitting stores latest by early next year.

A Way Out

After his huge success directing the very emotional Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Josef Fares is back with a new game. A Way Out puts you in the place of two prison inmates (Leo and Vincent), planning to break out of their institution. Players will have to work together as a team on a split-screen mode, whether with a friend or an online player, to orchestrate the escape. It might sound like a short storyline with only a few hours of gameplay but Fares promises there is more that unwinds after the breakout too.

The protagonists in the game have different lives and stories to tell and their gameplay unwinds differently through the game. Even if one player is in a cut-scene, the other player can still be controlled, leading to an interesting manner of playing. Fares has stated that his hope for the game is to get people to play together with friends rather than online. The game involves everything from driving, fist fights, emotional bonding with family, blazing guns in shootouts and more, reminiscent of GTA but a tad more mature. 

Set to come out in early 2018 on PS4, Xbox ONE and Microsoft Windows.


Detroit: Become Human

A third-person view, action-adventure game with a player directed-storyline and path, Detroit: Become Human tells the story of AI developing consciousness, threatening. In the game, androids form an alliance, banding together against humans in defense of their lives. Interaction is an integral part of the game and probably its most intense feature. For example, the life of a little girl held hostage can depend on how you choose to interact with the captor – a little like the Fables series that we enjoyed very much. 

Set to come out in 2018 on PS4, Xbox ONE and PC. Date not confirmed.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

Stop whatever you’re doing and just watch the gameplay trailer first.

To be honest, we don’t think anything needs to be said. If the actual gameplay when Marvel’s Spider-Man finally comes out is 80 percent close to the quality of the trailer, we’re sold. (eds note: yes, associate editor Sean Mossadeg insisted this be written in, given his absolute bias for Spidey)

PS4 exclusive, set to release in 2018. Date not confirmed.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The sequel to Wolfenstein’s last chapter, The New Order sees the plot set in America in 1961. The Nazis have advanced to the United States to claim the region and the player (B.J Blazkowicz) has to stop them by all means necessary. The first person shooter takes you on a journey throughout the nation, fighting Nazis armed with futuristic weapons. If you’ve yet to play any of the games from the Wolfenstein series, we suggest picking them up on Steam and playing through them to get a feel of the protagonist. There’s also plenty blood and gore in the game as it’s rated R.

It is set to release on PS4, Xbox ONE and PC on October 27, 2017.


Hidden Agenda

For those who love detective games, this is your go to game. It has everything a crime game requires, with the freedom to make decisions based on your instinct and judgements. Your decision has consequences and the storyline is altered based on them. What makes this game unique is you don’t use a joystick but rather your phone as the controller with which you vote for different approaches in a scenario. It is highly recommended you play this game in groups. It would also serve as an ideal game/movie to enjoy among friends.

PS4 exclusive releasing in 2017. Date not confirmed.

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E3 2017 Noteworthy Highlights
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