After scouring Singapore for men that represent style, substance and success, we have come to the conclusion that there is an abundance of A-Lister material men out there. The amount of nominations that have been submitted by readers prove that if anything, chaps in Singapore have the right qualities and everyone knows it. It’s a daunting task shortlisting that many men of this calibre but someone had to do it. After weeks of debating, we narrowed down our list to the 12 best men. These 12 men embody all the characteristics that the modern man should have and they’re itching to prove it.

Over two days, we styled and shot them against the backdrop of Quayside Isle Sentosa Cove, letting them strut their stuff. The team got to know the guys a little better, grilling them (it was not an interrogation as much as they would like you to believe) and sussed them out. Now, it’s time for you to get to know the top 12. 

With pride, the AugustMan team presents 2013’s August Man A-listers

Tom Child
Dominic Pan
Jon YongFook Cockle
Brendan Lim
Marvin Lee
Michael Callahan
Eric Maney
Adrian Foo
Camiel Weijenberg
Eugene Lim
Reza Behnam
Fabio Paradiso

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