It’s only when we lose something that we realise how dear it is to us, and our sight certainly belongs in that category. As part of our efforts to raise funds for Global Clinic, a non-profit charitable organisation that travels to “under-served communities around the world with the purpose of directing [their] skills, expertise and time to serving those who suffer from a lack of medical care due to poverty or poor access to medical infrastructure”, four editorial staff together with quite a number of past and present A-Listers ran in the Asics City Relay Singapore marathon last weekend. As fashion and sight is so close to our hearts, we chose to run the marathon in suits. Four sweaty hours later, we managed to complete the distance, safe and sound and barely anyone passing out.

But our fund-raising efforts don’t just end there. We’ve teamed up with the good people at Miaja Gallery to put together a one-of-a-kind, pop-up art exhibition that has to be navigated with all your senses. We’ve named it A Dark Journey. Touch, hear, smell, feel and see your way through the specially designed pieces and installations that have been put up just for A Dark Journey by artists such as Aisen Chacin, Christel Sade, Paul Hurley and Kenji. It’s an experience you won’t forget in a jiffy. A Dark Journey is on 15 – 16 October and you can buy tickets at

Other than A Dark Journey , we are also hosting dinner at NOX restaurant, but with a twist, just to drive home the charitable message. You’ll be enjoying a sumptuous meal – in pitch darkness. Lasting about two hours and consisting of four specially created courses inclusive of wine, the meal is truly a feast for the senses, just not the one you use to see. This special charity dinner is on 22 & 23 October as well as 5 November. You can book your seats at

All nett proceeds from both events will be going to Global Clinic. You might be wondering: “What is my money going to and why should I donate to this Global Clinic campaign?” The funds that we’re raising from this campaign is financing a mission to Cambodia, tentatively happening in December 2016, where doctors and volunteers, travelling on their own dime, will be carrying out cataract and cleft lip surgeries for the less fortunate. The money will be used to buy equipment and other essentials for the surgeries. A cataract operation costs approximately US$100, and a cleft lip surgery might be around US$400. It’s inexpensive to most of us, but for those in rural places where they frequently live from hand to mouth, it’s a fortune.

Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you at both events.

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