Our top 15 have been selected. It’s time for you to find out a little about why they made the crucial cut.

Expect to see some solo action caught on camera at the photo shoot this weekend; these will be published in our July print issue – so remember to keep a look out for it. Apart from their solo shots, each of the Top 15 will be filmed in individual short clips, which will go on both augustman.com and Yahoo! entertainment. As an aside, guys, brace yourselves because you’re going to be world-famous for at least 15 minutes.

This year, we’re introducing a new award – the A-Lister Viewers’ Choice. This will be based purely on readers’ and viewers’ votes, so it’ll be great to see if your choice will match that of the team. The fan-favourite will be awarded a Tag Heuer watch at the finale in September.

Here’s a look at what our Top 15 are expecting in the weeks to come and the A-Lister retreat at the end of July:

Andre Tan
You know, honestly, I’m much more concerned with the many lingering cameras in the room! How does one be natural in an unnatural environment?

Chris Rogers
I’m thinking its going to be exactly like the film Hunger Games, however a little more humid and stylish.

Gareth Wilce
Well whatever they are, I should have them covered….  I’ve set up a phone call to my nan so she can explain to me the art of knitting; My mum taught me how to sew up any holes in my trousers a few years ago; and my girlfriend thinks being able to paint nails could be a secret weapon!

Gary Tho
I’m imagining a cross between survivor and a miss universe pageant, so, tough challenges involving obstacles, problem solving, sweating and hard work, and hopefully simple questions.

Ian Horsburgh
I’m really not sure quite what to expect, probably some teambuilding and getting to know the other a-listers over some good food and drink – Find out how we all tick, who is sincere and who is full of B-S. Ideally some fun challenges, good food, good chat and take in some sun on the beach.

James Yi
A-listers need to be well-rounded, and I would expect the challenges to address that, namely mind, body and soul. Thus I expect something mentally stimulating, a physical challenge as well as a situational challenge to allow for us to shine in all different areas.

Jeremy Ward
I have no idea – a cooking challenge, a dance-off, more questions to answer?

Jun Mardian Sugandhi
Creating a musical skit (GLEE style), racing in Sepang (with Citroens and not Ferraris of course), eating as many burgers as possible in 30 minutes…

Ludovico Giella
Definitely some challenges to bond the group together such as sportive activities and something to make us feel uncomfortable (acting in front of everybody?).

Maxime Lenik
I’m expecting many kinds of challenges from the very creative August Man team! I love challenges so I’m looking forward to them!

Meng Han
From the videos I watched from last year’s campaign, I can only pray there won’t be any public speaking challenges! It scares the bejesus out of me.

Michael Tanujaya
Building sandcastles, poetry reading, singing or anything else that will make me cringe.

Mittu Chandilya
Mental? Physical? Sinisterly embarrassing that my family and friends would never let me live down?  In other words – All round fun.

Sertac Tasdalen
How to appreciate a Martini, strip poker challenge with Miss Singapore contestants, how to drift with an Aston Martin DBS and how to pull off a white tuxedo.

Shalen De Silva
The biggest challenge I expect will be containing and limiting the number of people I know who see me making an ass of myself on video. Second biggest challenge will be limiting the extent of making an ass of myself on video.

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