The 2014 A-Lister Finale is less than a month away. The A-Listers have all completed their challenges. From shoemaking and tailoring to surviving on a five-dollar daily budget and trekking through Tibet, the guys have certainly pushed their personal limits in all manner of ways while raising funds for CARE Singapore – an organisation dedicated to supporting challenged youths to turn their lives around and help carve out promising futures. Read about their individual journeys and vote for your favourite A-Lister. Voting closes 31 August.

Tim Ross-Watson, 30
Chef Consultant

Ross-Watson’s hectic schedule as a chef consultant prevented him from interacting with students from CARE, something he regrets and plans on getting around to. But he understands the need for charities like CARE Singapore and its goal to guide and support youths. “I was adopted at birth. I was quite a bad kid growing up, blackmailing teachers and stealing things,” he explained. “My parents are the most loving people I know. They gave me a structure in life, without which, I would have gone down the wrong way.” He spoke to us on his A-Lister experience thus far and his challenge to design and auction off two pairs of shoes in collaboration with local designer Ed Et Al to raise funds for CARE Singapore.

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Alex Toh, 32
Legal Counsel

Toh got into the swing of it as soon as A-Listers started. After two months of training and climbing stairs in HDB blocks, he jetted off to Tibet to embark on his challenge to trek 80 kilometres in Tibet between two monasteries in Lhasa. Unfortunately, Toh had to pull out of the trek after the third day due to his girlfriend falling victim to altitude sickness. But he insists the sights and lessons he picked up were enough to change his outlook in life. Toh shared with us his experience in Tibet and how he hopes the CARE students can learn from it.

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Tosin Etomi, 34
Shipping & Ops

A typical day will see Etomi walking around looking badass with his shades on while listening to music on a pair of very large headphones. But he tells us that he is really “bashful by nature”. For August Man A-Listers 2014, the Nigerian decided to challenge himself by going into a form of art that he isn’t familiar with (he regularly paints, plays music and shoots photos) – creating a sculpture. Etomi shared with us his experience of learning to sculpt, which he said taught him to let go of his perfectionist mentality and to just run with it.

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Michael Wrigley, 35
Sales Director

We distinctly remember Wrigley sitting in the holding room in Robinsons after an event with SK-II and Godfrey Gao. It was a couple of days before he was due to start on his challenge of surviving on $5 a day for a month, and it was clear that he had no qualms about indulging in a few glasses of scotch while bemoaning his task at hand and itemising a list of luxuries he’d have to forgo. We were expecting to meet a dishevelled man, reeling from mild malnutrition after he had completed his challenge. But Wrigley was bright, energetic and insisted that the experience was as enjoyable as it was meaningful.

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Wayne Pereira, 36
Foreign Exchange Advisor

Pereira converted his knowledge of dollars and cents as a foreign exchange advisor to inches and centimetres of designing a suit in collaboration with bespoke tailor PIMABS for a CARE student. He learnt that it takes a lot more than measurements to get the job done. “You have to really go in-depth when talking to your subject. I found out so many things about my beneficiary – from his lifestyle to personality – that helped me make the best suit for him.”

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