We are set to witness a cosmic event as the Geminid meteor shower is about to peak on 14 December. The phenomenon is expected to produce around 120 meteors per hour. The best part about the meteor shower is that it can be witnessed across the globe and is touted to be one of the strongest and most reliable meteor showers, with a 24-hour broad maximum.

This shower has been active since 19 November and will stay so till 24 December. However, it will be nearing its peak on 14 December in Singapore and the rest of the world. Here is everything you need to know about this unmissable astrophysical occurrence.

What is a Geminid meteor?

Geminid meteor shower
Image credit: Neale Lasalle/Pexels

According to NASA, “The Geminids meteor shower, which peaks during mid-December each year, is considered to be one of the best and most reliable annual meteor showers.”

The origin of this shower is the asteroid called 3200 Phaethon. They are radiant in the constellation of Gemini during December and hence, the name — Geminid meteor. Appearance-wise, NASA describes them as bright and fast meteors that seem yellow.

Did you know that Geminid showers are old, as they first appeared in the 18th century but were not as prominent as they are now? Meteors are bits and particles from the asteroids that leave a trail behind when they come near the Sun. They are essentially pathways illuminated by stardust. When they come in the path of Earth, they interact with the atmosphere, causing a brilliant streak of colour, which is visible in the night sky.

How to catch the Geminid meteor shower in Singapore in 2022?

The best thing about this phenomenon is that one does not need a telescope or any device to catch this spectacle. You can join a viewing party to watch the Geminid shower on Wednesday at Labrador Park by the Astronomical Society of Singapore.

How to best watch this cosmic event in 2022?

Geminid meteor shower
Image credit: Mark De Jong/ Unsplash

This cosmic event starts at around 9 pm-10 pm and goes on till the pre-dawn. However, it is best to move away from city lights to a relatively dark spot. NASA recommends lying flat on your back with feet facing southward and looking straight up to catch this magical spectacle.

What may obstruct the view?

Despite this shower being the brightest of all, certain problem areas tend to come in the way of space enthusiasts enjoying a full view of this event. A cloudy, smog-filled sky or illuminated moon may dim the shine of the shower. But since you have time until dawn, there is a chance to catch the Geminid meteor shower in its full glory this year 2022.

(Main and featured image credit: Tengyart/Unsplash)

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