Transforming 25, 000 square meters (the size of three and a half football fields) of our island’s business district into an amusement wonderland of thrill rides, carnival games, and food delights, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is now open to bring you accessible, affordable and quality entertainment.

The Bayfront Event Space

Located at the Bayfront Event Space (Thrill) and the Promontory (Games), the carnival is home to 22 rides and attractions, as well as 30 game stalls. From Can Blaster, Circle Darts, Bowling, and many more – there are 1, 200, 000 plush toys from Marvel and Pixar for you to win, not to mention the bragging rights that come along with it.

The Can Blaster

While admission to the fairgrounds is free, a quick visit over the weekend saw long queues to purchase credits for rides and games, so here are four things you should look out for.

1. The Star Flyer

For lack of a better way to describe it, The Star Flyer is a thrilling ride that will make you feel like you’re soaring 35 meters above the ground. If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll want to give this one a miss, obviously. If you do get on board, however, you’ll also be treated to an uninhibited 360 degrees view of the breath-taking Singapore skyline. If zipping around at height doesn’t get your heart pumping then maybe the view will. The Star Flyer hails from Scotland, amidst many other rides brought in from various European countries.

The Star Flyer


2. Jumbo Cookies and Milk

If the brand sounds familiar, you may be one of the brave souls that took part in their Jumbo Cookies challenge at the recent Geylang Serai Ramadan bazaar. Run by a group of business students in their final year of polytechnic, they are probably the youngest operators here. As the name suggests, quality chocolate chip cookies are offered, along with free flow milk.

Jumbo Cookies and Milk

However, at AUGUSTMAN we always advocate “Go big or go home”, so we recommend you shovel down the cookies with the aid of one of their indulgent milkshakes instead. We slurped down a couple of bad boys with no regrets, diets be damned. Thanks to the fairy lights, the stall front serves as a great spot for OOTDs and Instagram-worthy pictures, so it’s definitely a hit with the ladies. Show these aspiring entrepreneurs your support by getting yourself a bucket of delicious cookies!

Cookies & Cream Milkshake

3. Katoshka

At Katoshka, they serve french fries bound to get you salivating worse than Pavlov’s dog. With a variety ranging from sour cream to cheese to beef chili, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Like Jumbo Cookies and milk, the brand also made an appearance at the bazaar, so it’s not surprising to find them here at the carnival too.

The Katoshka frying process

Crispy hot french fries served with warm gooey cheese – the rich flavours of the cheese fries is something that you do not want to miss. Their traditional iced milk tea makes it a great pairing, we all know how well savoury foods go with sweet treats. However, we suggest sharing because the portions can be pretty big.

Katoshka Cheese Fries

4. Local Musicians           

If you are still pondering over how to welcome the New Year, you might just want to countdown with everyone else at the carnival. Six local musicians will be performing on New Year’s Eve over at the carnival, including Jasmine Sokko.

Jasmine Soko

Her debut single 1957 took home the number one spot on Spotify Singapore’s Top 50 viral chart with over 430, 000 streams. Her debut No EP was released in September 2017 with the breakout hit 600D on heavy rotation on 987FM.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival opens daily from 4pm to 11pm, until 1 April 2018. Admission is free for all, and credits for rides and games can be purchased on-site and online.

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