Asia’s most anticipated dance music festival is upon us again and as such, we feel like a survival guide is in order. Take these tips into consideration as you get ready to party the night away.

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Book a hotel room

It may be a little too late for this, but if there’s a chance for you to secure a hotel room for the night, then grab it. Here’s a few of reasons why a hotel room is a good idea:

1) Chances are, you’re going to want to have drinks with your buddies before the DJs begin their sets. With the exorbitant prices charged for a measly plastic cup of beer, you’re better off sharing a bottle of whisky with the guys in the comfort of your hotel room. Not to mention the possibility of drinks by the pool.

2) The night is going to be long. Sets run from 8p.m. to 5a.m. and let’s be honest, not every act is worth watching. And unless you want to plant yourself on the terribly littered beach, you will want somewhere nice to chill. Air-conditioning, running water, and clean bathrooms? Yes please.

3) The lines for cabs at 5a.m. are going to be way longer than those for Hello Kitty dolls at McDonald’s. Book a hotel room and you will only need to take a short walk to your abode for a good rest to recharge for day two.

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Wear flip flops and bring an extra pair

This may seem rather obvious, but every year numerous individuals turn up in sneakers thinking it’s a good idea. Thirty minutes later they’re grimacing from the abrasions forming from the sand in their shoes. Flip flops are a must, and we suggest bringing an extra pair just in case the first one fails you from all that partying.

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This isn’t rocket science. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it’ll make you need to use the bathroom more often then you usually would. According to professional dietician Kate Reagen, this is due to alcohol’s suppression of the antidiuretic hormone (the hormone that regulates how much urine the body produces). In addition, you’ll be losing fluid through perspiration from the heat and dancing. To avoid a nasty hangover, make sure you fill up on some good ol’ H20 even before you head to Siloso Beach. 

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Bring your EZ-link

For those unaware, Zoukout has gone cashless. So payment for your food, beverages and even merchandise have to be made via your ez-link card. Don’t fret about running out of stored value in your card because there are top-up terminals set up at various locations. There are self-help top-up kiosks that accept credit/debit cards and manned stations that accept both cards and cash.

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Don’t go swimming

For all that is good and holy, please avoid swimming after drinking. Yes, it may get tempting to take a dip after standing in a huge sweaty crowd for an extended period of time, but we urge you not to. As some of us have learned the hard way, alcohol impedes psychomotor performance. So don’t go endangering your life or the lives of others just to cool off.

So those are the tips we have for you. Needless to say, it’s going to be quite an experience. Just don’t forget to look out for your buddies when you’re out there partying on the beach.

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