Disney+ is ramping up its slate of offerings with over 20 new local APAC content titles due to premiere on the streaming platform. Showing it means business, The Walt Disney Company showcased an extensive slate of global, regional, and local language content for the service. Part of the content slate also includes 18 Originals.

Soon, subscribers can look forward to a wide range of original stories by top content creators from the region. This will be complemented by the vast library of branded content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic.

A Boost For APAC Productions

The new APAC projects include original productions by leading content creators, from star-studded scripted live action tent-pole series. It covers genres such as drama, comedy, fantasy, romance, science-fiction, crime, horror; to variety shows, documentaries and anime. The slate of Disney+ APAC content is produced by several markets including Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Greater China and Australia.

Subject to local availability, the new APAC content titles will be available on the streaming service over the next year. The new projects unveiled today are part of Disney’s ambition to greenlight over 50 APAC Originals by 2023.

Here’s What’s Coming To Disney+ From The APAC Region In The Months Ahead


Disney+ APAC korea

An action hero thriller, Moving is the ultimate tent-pole show from Korea based on the webtoon by Kang Full about three teenagers discovering their unusual powers. Snowdrop, a romantic melodrama series starring top Korean actor Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Told by the creators behind the 2019 K-drama mega-hit “Skycastle,” Snowdrop is one of the most highly anticipated dramas of the year.

Grid, a mystery thriller and new tent-pole series by award-winning writer Lee Su-yeon. Exclusively on Disney+ and in theatres, BLACKPINK: The Movie is a documentary on the chart-topping Korean pop group, in commemoration of their fifth year anniversary. Rookies, a coming-of-age romantic series set in Korea’s elite police academy, is K-pop idol Kang Daniel’s debut drama.


Disney+ APAC japan
Twisted Wonderland

Tokyo MER (Mobile Emergency Room), a special TBS collaboration, is a medical drama starring award-winning actors Ryohei Suzuki and Kento Kaku.  Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall is a Japanese reboot animation of a popular character with global fans that has spawned music, action figures, games and animation.  Summer Time Rendering is a Japanese animation based on one of the top manga titles with a cumulative total of over 130 million page views on the Japanese web manga app Shonen Jump +.

Yojohan Time Machine Blues (Working title) is a new Japanese animated series and the sequel to The Tatami Galaxy. This is the latest work by award-winning writer Tomihiko Morimi and Science SARU, a production studio that has won numerous international awards. At the Tokyo event, Disney also announced a planned anime adaptation of “Twisted Wonderland”, Disney’s highly popular mobile game by Aniplex.


Susah Sinyal

From the hit movie with the same title, Susah Sinyal (or Bad Signal) is a comedic drama series about a group of hotel employees managing a classy resort hotel in West Java. Under the creative vision of award-winning director Joko Anwar, and produced by Screenplay, Bumilangit will be launching its first series soon.


Delicacies Destiny

Featuring the talented Chen Bo-Lin, Small & Mighty is his come-back appearance in Taiwanese drama since “In Time With You,” and a comedic drama about self-discovery. Delicacies Destiny is a Chinese period drama and veteran producer’s Yu Zheng’s newest endeavour into food rom-com, following the success of “Story of Yanxi Palace.”


Disney+ APAC
Shipwreck Hunters

Shipwreck Hunters is the first Australian documentary for Disney+ and documents iconic shipwreck mysteries in Western Australia’s vast coastline.

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