There is an after credits scene.

So now that that’s settled, should you watch Kong: Skull Island? I lean towards the ‘yes’ camp but I would recommend watching it on weekday nights when ticket prices are cheaper.


Cinematography & directing

Larry Fong and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts have combined to create an immersive cinematic experience. Sunsets are gorgeous, forests are incredibly lush and you can truly feel the sizeable magnitude of the monsters on the island and the star of the show, Kong itself. I literally gripped the edge of my cinema seat during a couple of action set pieces. And speaking of Kong…

Best actor/actress/monster in the film

It says a lot when the most compelling and emotional character in the film is a CGI gorilla. From the rendered fur on his back to the intense fury in his eyes, Kong felt like an actual, breathing, living entity instead of a computer-generated simian.


Tom Hiddleston

Look, I understand that he’s the flavour of the month and I do think he’s a terrific actor. But I feel that he’s miscast in his role as a tracker-soldier extraordinaire. When you think of Hiddleston, the image of an old-school military man who has seen the horrors of war doesn’t exactly spring to mind. In a role that requires little emotional nuance and lots of brawny acrobatics, Hiddleston is rarely stretched and acts by the book.

Tian Jing

I didn’t realise Tencent Pictures had funded the production of Kong: Skull Island until I saw the company’s logo pop up during the opening sequence. So I was expecting a Chinese actress to make an appearance since that’s de rigueur for any Hollywood film with Chinese money. Tian Jing was that actress and she felt shoehorned into a role that could clearly be left out of the script. It didn’t help that she had one default expression – surprised.

“We need to write in a Chinese actress.”

“What? What is she going to do?”

“Eh, I don’t know. Exposition.”

“What? No.”

“Do it. We need her if we want to break into the Chinese market.”



Kong: Skull Island is a terrific monster film and while the plot was quite formulaic, it was still quite an enjoyable experience. The monster fights were excellent and the action sequences were some of the best I’ve watched in recent memory. Pity about the clunky script and the casting.

Kong: Skull Island is out on 9 March in cinemas islandwide

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