Actor, writer and producer Tommy Dewey is one of the names cast in FOX’s new comedy series, Pivoting. The new series, which is set in Long Island, New York revolves around three women who cope with the death of a close friend.

Starring Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Maggie Q, the series sees the ladies facing the reality that life is short, resulting in them altering their current paths by way of a series of impulsive, ill-advised, and self-indulgent decisions. Check out the trailer for the series below.

In the series, Dewey shines as Henry, the male lead opposite Coupe who weathers the storm while his wife goes on her journey of self-discovery. In addition to this new role, the talented actor also lends his voice to the Paramount+/Nickelodeon reboot of ’90s animated series Rugrats, starring as Stu Pickles.

Speaking to Dewey recently, Augustman found out more about Pivoting and what audiences can expect as well as the actor’s future projects as well as his experience doing voice work on Rugrats.

Congrats on your role in Pivoting. What drew you to this project?

The writing and the cast. Creator Liz Astrof has a singular comedic voice, and every page of her pilot script made me laugh. Hard. It was also really moving. Eliza Coupe (my wife in Pivoting) and I worked on Hulu’s Casual together, so I was already familiar with her immense talent. It was one of those rare offers you’d be a fool to turn down.

You play Henry in the series. What is the character like, in your own words?

He’s a selfless dude with a dry, irreverent sense of humour about the shit show that is his family life. He even finds the craziness oddly comforting…most of the time. As the chaos mounts over the course of the first season, Henry starts to crack a little, realising that he’s been ignoring some of his own needs. Henry might be due for a “pivot” himself.

Pivoting does have some real life similarities, that being the self-realisation that life is short, paving the way for us to come out of our comfort zones. Have you found yourself in a similar situation at any time?

Many times. A certain existential panic hits me every so often and always on milestone birthdays. I’ve found that when I’ve reacted with a willingness to change, to do something that scares me, I’ve benefited. If those shifts didn’t lead directly to “success”, I have at least learned something important.

You also lend your voice to Stu Pickles in Rugrats. What is the best part about being in this animated project?

Honestly, the creative team and voice cast are unreal, and I can do the job from the closet in my guest room.

Beyond voicing and being in front of camera, you also write and produce. What drew you to these roles off screen?

Necessity! When I’ve stalled out at various points over the years, I’ve turned to writing and producing to jump start things. And while I love the social, team-oriented approach to working on a set, there’s something about the solitary task of grappling with the blank page that I find fulfilling.

pivoting tommy dewey
The FOX series Pivoting stars Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Maggie Q. (Image: IMDB)

What is in the pipeline for you both on camera and behind the scenes?

As 2022 kicks off, I’ll be hitting the marketplace with two new writing projects, and I’m about to do a couple weeks of acting working on something really cool…that I unfortunately might not be allowed to talk about just yet. After that, I’d love to get back to work on season two of Pivoting.

Lastly, how excited are you for the premiere of Pivoting and what do you hope audiences will take from the series?

I can’t wait. And I’m thrilled for Liz (Astrof), who has been working on this for a very long time. The show is a great reminder of the importance of friendships. It’s been an absurdly tough couple of years for most people, so I’m hoping that audiences will see themselves in our show and feel a little less alone. And I want them to laugh. Hard.

(Portrait of Tommy Dewey by Riker Brothers)

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Actor, Writer And Producer Tommy Dewey Discusses His Role In FOX’s New Comedy Series ‘Pivoting’
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