Pioneering streaming service and killer of Blockbuster Video, Netflix, is now available in 190 countries- including our sunny little island. This astounding number basically means Netflix is available in almost every country in the world- with China being one of the exceptions. Chief executive of Netflix, Reed Hastings, admitted that while they are ahead of their plans, there is still a lot of work to be done.

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If you’re interested in subscribing to this service, Netflix is offering several plans. The basic plan entitles subscribers to stream on one screen in Standard Definition quality at S$10.98 a month. The standard plan on the other hand entitles subscribers to stream on two screens at once in High-Definition at S$13.98 a month. Finally, for those looking for the absolute best, the premium plan allows subscribers to stream on four screens at once in Ultra High Definition at $16.98 a month. Considering Netflix can be screened on many devices, (phones, tablets, Smart TVs, PlayStation consoles, Xbox Consoles and even Apple TV) the premium service may be more viable- especially for a bigger household.

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As we feared, some of Netflix’s content is currently unavailable. Arrested Development and House of Cards are among the few that subscribers won’t be able to stream (for now). According to Mr Jonathan Friedland, Netflix’s chief communications officer, issues with broadcast regulations are currently being sorted out. He also hopes that considering Netflix is an on-demand service where people have to actively acquire the content, governments “will treat (it) in a somewhat different light from how they treat traditional broadcasting.” Netflix has a ton of content available to viewers in Singapore, but we hope to get complete access eventually. Finger crossed.

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