There are around 4,700 titles available to watch on Netflix, but let’s be real here: You’ve probably spent more time finding something to watch than actually watching a show. Instead of going back into the real world (gasp!), why not check out Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, streaming services exist beyond just Netflix and YouTube. Amazon Prime Video became a serious contender in the entertainment industry here in Singapore (and the region) when Amazon brought their Prime service to our shores. With an Amazon Prime subscription, not only do you get its speedy two-hour grocery delivery service, but you also gain access to an entertaining catalogue of shows you might not have otherwise known.

To help you get over the monotony of Netflix, here are some of our recommendations of what to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The Grand Tour

Who needs a mid-life crisis when you can just drive exotic cars with your buddies around the world – and get paid for it? Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May give their former employers BBC the biggest middle finger with three successful seasons (and one incoming) of The Grand Tour. If you want to catch Top Gear-esque shenanigans with the triumvirate of automobile entertainment, this is it.

American Gods

What happens when you take classic mythological stories and bring them into the 21st century? You get American Gods, a fantastical series that explores the life of old gods, new gods, and the humans that get dragged into this cosmic affair. Currently at two seasons and renewed for a third, the show, based on Neil Gaiman’s eponymous novel, demonstrates the struggle between tradition and globalisation. Be prepared for beautiful cinematography, quippy zingers, and the spewing of a lot of blood.

The Expanse

Few shows set in space have stood the trials of time, ironically, and The Expanse is set to join the club. Its hyper-realistic visual effects, a tall order for TV shows which don’t often see big budgets, perfectly compliment the intriguing narratives that are based off James S. A. Corey’s series of novels that bear the same name. Unlike other sci-fi shows, The Expanse takes place primarily within our own solar system, making it a little more down-to-Earth and believable.

While it was initially cancelled by Syfy after three seasons, fan petitions and Jeff Bezos’ love for the show saved it from the brink of death. Season four is currently in development, and we can’t wait to see where we’ll head to next.

Good Omens

You know you’re in for a wild ride when a demon and an angel collaborate to prevent the coming of the antichrist. David Tennant and Michael Sheen star as the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale respectively on Good Omens, the latest miniseries from Amazon helmed by Neil Gaiman, who wrote the eponymous novel, too. The duo, along with the reluctant antichrist (played by the young actor Sam Taylor Buck) attempt to save Earth from the events of the Book of Revelations from happening.

When you’re done with the six episodes, each averaging at around one hour, you’ll be clamouring for more Tennant x Sheen chemistry (as well as their wardrobe, too).

The Tick

In a world without the Avengers or Justice League, we have a superhero that is big, blue, and calls himself The Tick. With the help of his partner Arthur “Arthur” Everest and his moth suit, the duo go about stopping supervillains while simultaneously figuring out their identity. The Tick hits all the right spots as a short, digestible sitcom that mixes in humour without it being a cliched cringefest.

written by.

Josiah Neo

Josiah Neo is a tech writer who contributes occasionally to the fashion and travel beats. When he’s not busy keeping up with the keynotes, he’s probably stuffing his face with the best Melbournian donuts (at Shortstop, BTW) or watching his favourite esports team, the LA Valiant, pummel their opponents into oblivion.

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