QUICK BITES: Wonder Woman is a must watch; Gal Gadot is brilliant; there are no end credit scenes

After getting the beating of its life from the onslaught of decent-to-great Marvel films and the disasters that were Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, the DC film universe is back on track with the surprisingly excellent Wonder Woman. Director Patty Jenkins has managed to craft an enthralling story about sacrifice, love and humanity without making it too cliche or tiresome.

The star of the film is undoubtedly Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman to perfection. Playing the role of the eponymous heroine is tricky. She is naive about the ways of the world but is a powerful warrior whom Batman calls “the best melee fighter in the world”. Blending these two characteristics into one believable character is difficult even for the best thespians. Gadot pulls it off brilliantly, outshining the rest of the cast who admirably clocks in the hours in the office and gracefully letting Gadot take centre-stage.

And in this current social climate, when women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns and are still being shamed and blamed for being what they want to be, Wonder Woman is exactly what we need. She is an example that women can kick ass, save a man in distress in a dark alley, become whoever they want to be and smash the glass ceilings (and trust me, a lot of glass was broken; I swear this was done on purpose), and be feminine, all at the same time.

If you’ve noticed, most of the promotional material around Wonder Woman – film posters, trailers, etc. – are distinctly missing the male characters in the film. An allegory perhaps, that a film can be both critically raved and commercially successful on the backs of strong, powerful women. And with the world now going down the gutter based on the questionable decisions of men, I think that it might be time for patriarchy to take a back seat and let matriarchy come to the fore.

Wonder Woman is out now in cinemas islandwide. Read our exclusive interview with Chris Pine here.

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