This month, take a ride with BBC Earth as the channel brings audiences on an excursion into uncharted territories around the world, with unique nature documentaries.

First, explore new horizons in Eden: Untamed Planet. Narrated by the talented, award-winning actress Helena Bonham Carter, this six-part series features Earth’s last remaining lands unscathed by human interference and the resulting rare biodiversity that flourishes there – all while surviving the rapid changes in today’s environment.

BBC Earth
Galapagos – Eden _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Javier Mahauad/ BBCA

Each episode will be packed with breaking behaviours, giving us epic dramas, intimacy, and humour and you will be delighted by the stunning sights captured by the crew: hornbills catching bats straight out of the air, sea lions defending themselves against shark attacks, and even hippos sliding down riverbanks at night.

An A-list cast of animals characters to match the A-list narrator, help drive home the message that these last remaining Edens are precious, they are to be celebrated, cherished, but above all, to be preserved.

From nature to expedition, BBC Earth takes viewers straight into the Artic Winter in Arctic Drift: A Year In The Ice. Following 10 years of planning with 500 experts from 37 countries, Arctic Drift is a story of the largest Arctic research project in history and humanity’s last chance to understand the causes and consequences of climate change before it is too late.

Follow the team of experts inside the ground-breaking MOSAiC expedition who spent a year frozen into the sea ice in this inhospitable, breath-taking landscape that has been impossible to truly explore, until now.

Arctic Drift takes us on every step of the mission from searching for ice floe strong enough to support their ‘ice cities’ to new discoveries in the snow and racing against time in their vital research before the ice melts begin. As global warming causes the sea-ice to disappear, this is one of humanity’s greatest efforts to understand how melting at the pole will affect the rest of the planet.

Catch both BBC Earth shows every Friday on StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player. Eden: Untamed Planet premieres first on 17th September at 8.05pm and Arctic Drift: A Year In The Ice will start on 23rd September at 9.55pm.

(Images: BBC Studios)

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