The Kingdom series has been an unexpected pleasure to watch. After all, with a premise of zombies running wild in ancient Korea, what’s not to love? However for fans of the Korean original series and for newbies, the upcoming special episode, Kingdom: Ashin of the North, offers a perfect way to discover more about the series’ backstory. Ahead of the premiere on 23 July, here’s what you need to know about the special episode.


An Intro To The Kingdom Series

Can you watch this episode without having watched the original series? Yes, you can. Some of you may be worried about whether you’ll need to catch up to the first two seasons prior to the special episode. However, you can actually watch this first without ruining your experience. In fact we think this special Kingdom episode serves as a great introduction to the acclaimed series.


Go Back To Where It All Began

Ashin Of The North episodeKingdom: Ashin of the North takes place before the events of the first two seasons and is a prequel of sorts. For that reason alone, you can dive into this special episode without knowing anything about the prior seasons. The special episode will focus on origins of the rare resurrection plant and will provide the backstory for how the kingdom ends up facing a zombie problem.


Its Only An Hour And A Half Long

Committing to two seasons within a week is a big ask, even with most of us still stuck at home. So there is definitely less pressure with squeezing in a shorter watch, which is what this special episode delivers. Clocking in at 92 minutes, Kingdom: Ashin of the North fits into any weekly watch schedule. That said, for fans of the series 90-plus minutes may not be enough. For newbies, it’s probably great, because if you end up getting hooked, there’s two seasons of the series ready and waiting for you.


Gianna Jun

Ashin Of The North Gianna JunA recognisable face and queen of both K-dramas and films, Gianna Jun is an extremely sought after and talented actress. Whether its comedy or action, she’s able to pull off a variety of genres flawlessly. Her return in this Kingdom prequel is highly anticipated as it’s her first return in four years since starring in The Legend of the Blue Sea. And what a way to make a comeback by playing Ashin – one of her darkest character portrayals yet.


A Taster (And Refresher) For Seasons 1 & 2

Having all the knowledge about Ashin and her role in spreading the resurrection plant, which kickstarts this Korean zombie apocalypse will provide a better insight into the first two seasons of the series. Understanding the context of the situation will make for an insightful look into the larger aspect of the storyline. That of course will provide viewers with contrasting perspectives and opinions on the story. So, even if you have watched the first two seasons, it’ll be worth a re-watch since you’ll be able to observe Kingdom through a different lens.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North premieres 23 July only on Netflix

(Images: Netflix)

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