It’s impossible to say you’re a fan of sci-fi without being a fan of the Alien franchise (not counting Aliens vs Predators of course). It’s been five years since Prometheus, the chronological first film in the entire franchise and we’re getting impatient waiting for Alien: Covenant that will be out in May. Thank Scott then that 20th Century Fox recently celebrated Alien Day (April 26 or 4/26 after the planet LV426 from the first film) and granted fans of the franchise a sneak peek at the “prologue” of the upcoming film Alien: Covenant


Here’s what we’ve gleamed so far and the biggest questions we have (and feel free to let us know if we’ve missed out anything). 

1. It’s a continuation in a sense of the story from Prometheus, picking up right after David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw leave LV-223 to find the Engineers’ home planet. Shaw repairs David on the way over and she goes into cryo-sleep after.

2. David constantly remarks on Shaw’s kindness as a human being towards him, an android. This is in contrast to the way other crew members of Prometheus treated him.

3. They arrive on a planet (that may or may not be the Engineers’ homeworld) and throngs of natives rush toward their ship (which is weird seeing as to how I can’t quite imagine Engineers running and rejoicing). 

4. David stands at the hatch opening above them with tons of black goo containers (weapons of mass destruction) at the ready and recites Ozymandias’ line, “Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

If you’ve caught the trailers for Alien: Covenant, the premise is simple and similar to the original Alien films. A new ship and its crew heads to a new planet to colonise it with a bunch of couples. On the planet however, they encounter the same Engineer ship that David and Shaw piloted off LV-223. As per normal, there seems to be a goddamned row of Facehuggers and Xenomorphs spawn and hell is unleashed. So where does this prologue tie in? 

Our theory is that David starts to realise the futility of meeting the Engineers and instead deems himself to be the most evolved lifeform (God creates Man, Man creates Machine, Machine kills God). He intends to wipe out the Engineers but Shaw (the scientist that she is) attempts to stop him. In doing so, they crash land somewhere else? Yeah, we’re not too good at this. 

This movie cannot come any faster. 
Alien: Covenant opens in cinemas May 10

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