In a nation-state as great as Singapore, one must always consider the children in everything we do. Whether it’s protecting them from the cesspool that is the Internet, or keeping them on the path of the righteous, it is the responsibility of every adult to help out where they can.

Recently, Love, Simon, an American teenage rom-com was brought into the spotlight for an R21 rating by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA). Many were upset and felt it was an unjust rating given the target audience of the film was… well, people below the age of 21, what with the protagonist himself being 17 in the show.

As folks above the age of 21 (who will indubitably know more than those younger than us until the end of time), we decided to review the film in a manner that should any person below the age of 21 read, would be easy to understand.

Simon is decidedly NOT in love with the girl on his right


Love, Simon tells the story of a young man falling in love with an anonymous schoolmate.

Simon is blackmailed because of his love for aforementioned anonymous schoolmate.

Thus begins Simon’s perilous journey in navigating high school life, friends and romantic relationships.


Why is the show R21? It seems like a very cookie-cutter Hollywood teenage rom-com. I’m sure he stages a grand gesture at the end to prove his love right?

We regret to inform you that we can’t seem to understand the earlier part of your question but yes, a relatively cliched grand gesture is performed to poetically sway the heart of aforementioned anonymous schoolmate.

Is there a plot twist that has violence like a weird, Tarantino-esque thing that we should know about? Because this hypothetical questioner is after all under the age of 21 and cannot understand violence (as much as I enjoy picking up my SAR 21 and cleaning it).


Oh, plenty of gratuitous sex scenes a la Game of Thrones or Altered Carbon

Uh, negative.

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