In next month’s issue of AUGUSTMAN, we interview Jaden Smith, who stars in Baz Luhrman’s new Netflix series, The Get Down. We were pleasantly surprised with the eighteen-year-old actor’s dedication to his craft and his passion for educating and empowering other young people (including fighting gender stereotypes). We were only afforded a short fifteen minutes with the young Mr. Smith but he’s certainly showed us what goes on behind that almost perpetually furrowed brow. Here’s a snippet of what you can expect from the interview in next month’s issue.

Credit: Netflix

 Do you ever get tired from being in the limelight all the time?

Sometimes, but I feel like I’ve only been in the limelight for the last two or three years, so it’s not too bad. People have known about me since I was born, but they’ve only really started caring about what I’m up to in the last few years or so. Being in the limelight is good though, it means I have the opportunity to influence cultures of kids who look up to me. I can show them how to dress, and I can also show them a different way of thinking, so that’s why it appeals to me.

What was the preparation for the actors like?

Preparation for the show was pretty tough, but we enjoyed most of it. We were put through a two-month boot camp with Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash, and Lady Pink to learn all kinds of things to prepare for the show.

One of the first things we had to learn was speaking with a Bronx accent like “Na’ mean?” (Do you know what I mean?). We also learned about break-dancing, disco, graffiti, hip hop, rapping, and even voguing – all types of things you wouldn’t normally do. It was a huge boot camp and we’re most likely going to have to go through it again before we film some more.

What can fans look forward to in part two of the first season?

Well, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers so I’ll tell you this: It’s going to be everything part one was, and then some. More singing, more break-dancing, and more performances. It’s going to be brilliant. It’s going to end Season 1, so you’ll see how The Get Down Brothers rise to success and how it that changes them.

If you weren’t an actor/fashion designer what would you say you would be doing?

I would most likely be making music or learning a skill I don’t have the time for right now, like carpentry.

What’s next for you?

There’s just so much that’s going on right now. Firstly, there’s JUST water, a water company we’re launching that focuses on responsible sourcing and packaging. I’m also hard at work with my clothing label, MSFTSREP. Finally, I’m also really excited about launching my new album. It’s going to happen soon so keep an eye out for that.

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