Created for pop-culture fans and entertainment buffs, Nestflix offers a fun take on films and TV shows. The ‘just-for-fun’ platform lists what fictional movies and series would look like if they were real.

For instance, were you ever curious about watching the action movie directed by Michael Scott of “The Office”? Or the sitcom “Horsin’ Around” from “BoJack Horseman”? These are made-up programs that are finally coming to Nestflix, well kind of. This new Netflix-inspired platform is a fun initiative that brings together these fake programs just for the pleasure and amusement of pop-culture buffs.

From “Entourage” to “30 Rock” to “Home Alone” or “The Simpsons,” the humour-filled parody platform Nestflix allows users to find and browse through fake programs seen in real TV series and movies. The creator of playful site web designer, Lynn Fisher, unveiled its launch this August 11 on her Twitter account, quickly collecting more than 4.2K “Likes.”

The site can be accessed totally free of charge and for good reason. The Nestflix platform unfortunately does not allow visitors to watch these programs since they don’t really exist but serves as a kind of “Wikipedia” as its creator explained on Twitter: “It’s just a wiki doing some cosplay.”  The entries for these programs are also very well constructed: synopsis, duration, genre, casting, name of the director … The platform obviously indicates the films or series where each program originates.

Nevertheless, internet users can support, if they wish, the creator by going to her website to make donations starting at three dollars.

More than 400 fake shows listed

According to Lynn Fisher, the parody platform features more than 400 fake movies and series that are referenced in real TV and film programs: “Welcome to Nestflix – The platform for your favorite nested films and shows. Fictional movies within movies? Got ’em. Fake shows within shows? You bet. Browse our selection of over 400 stories within stories,” reads the Nestflix homepage, echoing the graphic codes of the streaming giant.

And so, fans of “Home Alone” will be able to indulge their nostalgia by discovering “Angels with Filthy Souls”, the film that little Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, uses to foil the plans of the burglars, or the many series and shows invented in the series “30 Rock”.

Just like on Netflix, the parody platform Nestflix has set up content categories and a search bar. Internet users can also submit programs that may be missing but to do to that rules must be respected: the program must be totally invented and not be a real movie or a remake watched by a character in a series or a movie, and real excerpts of the program must have been shown on screen. For the moment, no news or morning shows will be added but “this might change,” says the site.

Due to the success of her launch, Lynn Fisher has suspended her suggestion form for the moment but should reopen it soon: “I love your site. Can’t wait for you to start taking suggestions again,” commented one user after making a donation.

(Image courtesy of Lynn Fisher/Nestflix)

This story was published via AFP Relaxnews.

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