From the director of Training Day comes Bright, Netflix’s latest action-thriller that proves it’s capability in producing blockbusters. Set in an alternate reality where humans and magical creatures coexist, or at least try to, David Ayer’s film follows two LAPD police officers from very different backgrounds. Will Smith plays officer Daryl Ward who’s just getting back into the swing of things after getting shot in the line of duty. There’s some very obvious tension between him and his orc partner Jakoby, whom Ward blames for his injury.

Just like our reality of Los Angeles, the film version is rife with tension and inequality. Between the elves that occupy Beverly Hills as the top 1 percenters, and orcs that are societal outcasts, Bright presents an interesting juxtaposition to present-day life. Sh** starts to go down for Ward and Jakoby when they stumble upon a rare magic wand in the possession of Tikka, an elf played by Lucy Fry. The trio end up on the run from gangs of humans and magicfolk alike, and have to face the wand’s true owner, a murderer known as Leilah, played by Noomi Rapace.

Written by Max Landis, of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, the film tackles heavy themes including racism and the issues that come with a social caste system that resonate pretty well with multicultural societies today. Combined with well-choreographed action, beautiful cinematography, and of course, a little bit of magic, Bright is certainly a prelude for bigger blockbusters to come from Netflix.

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