Ocean’s 8 has all the fun of the original series with the added bonus of an empowering star studded female cast.

After the box-office blunder of Ghostbusters, many were hesitant of the all-female remake of the classic series, Ocean’s 11. Since the original 1960’s film, the movie has technically been re-booted three times, so fear of triteness is expected. However, the movie is a fun summer flick with the bonus of 90 minutes of female prowess.

Fresh out of prison, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) spent five years planning the perfect heist. Its success relies on the talents of an eclectic game of scammers, pick pockets, and house-wives played by an all-star cast. The crime, as glamorous as its executioners: steal a 150 million-dollar (US) necklace right off the neck of the MET Gala’s host.

Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) wears the 150,000,000 million dollar necklace that the gang hopes to steal.

Admittedly, the movie suffers flaws typical of the genre. The plot unfolds almost too smoothly, leaving no room for suspense building, and the dialogue drags on at times.The worst crime of all, however, was the under-utilization of the deeply talented cast. It is rare you get a group of eight brilliant actresses who all bring something different to the table. Not just Hathaway or Bullock’s skills are leading-lady worthy, but almost every one of the eight’s talent warrant at least a movie worth of screen time.

The strength, cunningness, and sexiness associated with Clooney, Pitt, and the rest of the Ocean’s cast is brought ten-fold in the remake. It’s fun and has abundant portrayals of strong female characters. Even when Bullock’s character has difficulty letting go of her old ex, it is a supplementary story-line far from the focus. Especially when you compare the ex-plot to the Clooney Ocean’s movie, which heavily features Danny Ocean pining for his ex-wife. The dilution of the revenge plot allows for Bullock’s brilliant plan to stand on its own.

The movie delivers what it’s promised. It’s fun, elegant, and an easy summer watch for the entire family to enjoy. It’s not Oscar-worthy, but neither were the originals or the reboots. Additionally, seeing a group of diverse women be extremely good at what they do, even if it’s crime, is a refreshing and necessary narrative. If the intention was a feel-good heist story with a charming cast, they met it. Any grandiose expectations uphold a double standard that continues to favor males in the entertainment industry. The movie proves that women can pull off roles originally assigned for, or created for men in an equally entertaining manner.

Ocean’s 8 plays island-wide starting June 14th 

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