Streaming platform Paramount+ released the trailer of Halo, the live-action series based on the acclaimed video game of the same name, setting 24 March 2022 as the premiere date.

After brief glimpses released last year, the makers dropped the full trailer on 30 January, revealing a lot more dimensions about the fan-favourite characters from the game series

Paramount+ had already given out the date shortly before airing the trailer, which, according to the makers, was to debut at the AFC Championship Game between Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs.

But according to The Verge, the trailer was released earlier and not during the game.

More about Halo live-action series

What does the trailer reveal?

The trailer reveals the landscape in which the story is set, almost similar to the galactic universe of the game.

It begins with a violent conflict on a planet, an alien homeworld. The principal character, Master Chief, is introduced as a voiceover teeling the audiences that the supersoldiers are “humanity’s best weapon” who are also “controllable”.

As Master Chief and the supersoldiers, known as Spartans, find an object, they tend to gain a recollection of who they are, setting them in a conflict with whatever they have been trained to believe.

As the threat from their sworn enemies, the Covenant, continues, Master Chief and his allies meet the AI Cortana.

The trailer gives glimpses of an Energy Sword, besides a host of adversaries and allies that fans of the game would be familiar with.

The cast of Halo

Master Chief
Image: Courtesy of IMDb

Pablo Shreiber of American Gods fame plays the Master Chief. Cortana, the other major character in the game and the series, is essayed by Jen Taylor who has also been the voice of the AI since the first game in 2001.

Natasha McElhone plays Dr. Catherine Halsey. Other actors include Charlie Murphy, Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, and Yerin Ha among others.

The series was first announced in 2018 for Showtime. It later became part of Paramount+.

(Main image: Halo on Paramount+/@HaloTheSeries/Twitter; Featured image: IMDb)

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First Look At Paramount+’s New ‘Halo’ Live-Action Series
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