The Witcher Season 2 has premiered, and the fantasy series certainly delivers as promised.

Stakes are raised in the second season with new surprises and characters, one of which is Lambert, played by Paul Bullion. Based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher debuted in 2019 and follows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a mutated monster-hunter for hire, who journeys toward his destiny in a turbulent world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

This season Paul joins the cast for season two as Lambert, Geralt’s close childhood friend, brothers through a shared experience and fellow monster hunter.

About Paul Bullion

Paul grew up in Milton Keynes, one of the largest towns in Buckinghamshire, England northwest of London. Drawn to film and music as a child, he taught himself how to play guitar and started a ska band called 8 Inches Long.

At the same time, Paul participated in local theatre productions, where he discovered his love of bringing characters to life on stage. Upon graduation from secondary school, he left for London to attend drama school, and he has been working and living in London ever since.

Paul Bullion
Paul Bullion stars as Lambert in The Witcher Season 2

His impressive body of work thus far includes roles in Dracula Untold and Peaky Blinders, in which he played Billy Kitchen.  When Paul isn’t on a film set, you can find him singing and playing music – on occasion he will stop into an open mic night in London and play some Damien Rice, or an original tune.

Beyond entertainment, he is also a keen fitness enthusiast, participating in triathlon and endurance events – where he also takes the opportunity to raise awareness for various charities. In this exclusive interview Paul talks about bringing the character of Lambert to life and his involvement in the hit Netflix fantasy series.

You’re playing Lambert in The Witcher Season 2. What drew you to this role?

I’ve always wanted to be part of a fantasy show and Lambert has a great place in the world of “The Witcher“.

What was the preparation process like for this part? Did you read the books or play the games?

I read the books first then started playing the game. The books being the source material. I found the games a brilliant way to learn about the monsters.

What are the character traits of Lambert and what qualities did you want to flesh out on camera for audiences?

He is short tempered and has a sharp tongue. I rooted all this in insecurity and hope the audience see this. I wanted to give him an avoidant personality.

streaming in december witcher
Paul Bullion (far right) from a scene in The Witcher Season 2

How was it like on set with such an amazing group of talents?

Everyone was just up for the task all the time. During a pandemic and after a long break, we were all so grateful to be back working.

The role is a physical one. With your background in fitness and triathlons, did it make the transition easier especially for more action-oriented sequences?

I had more weight training in my workouts. But I’ve always liked pushing myself so welcomed it. The days are long on set. The challenge for me was to not eat too many of the sweet treats that were about!

What was the most challenging aspect of playing this role?

Making Lambert’s rude attitude come from a real place. People aren’t just bad. So I made sure a softer side could be seen in brief moments.

We understand that you also have a keen interest in music. Is this more of a fun-type thing on the side or are there bigger aspirations in this field of entertainment?

It’s very much a calming hobby. However I did train in musical theatre and would like to sing again in film or on stage.

Catch Paul Bullion in The Witcher Season 2 now streaming on Netflix.

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