In case you missed it, there is a giant-sized replica of the Razor Crest spaceship now in Yakutsk, Russia. Built by Russian fan Ayaal Fyodorov, it is probably the greatest homage a fan has ever paid to the franchise.

The Razor Crest is an important aspect of the Disney+ Star Wars spinoff series, The Mandalorian. It was often at the centrepiece of each episode, used as the main transport of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). Despite the ship biting the proverbial Imperial bullet in season 2, the spirit of the Razor Crest evidently lives on.

Paying homage to the beloved gunship of the series, Fyodorov and his friends painstakingly put together a life-sized replica. What impresses most about Fyodorov’s Razor Crest is how detailed it looks.

Attention To Detail

According to the builder, the ship took him and some friends around three months to complete. The result is stunning to say the least. Using fibre board, metal, and plastic foam, the model comes to life. Measuring four metres tall, and weighing over a tonne, the resemblance to the actual ship from the series is uncanny.


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The builders also made it a point to recreate the spaceship’s interior. It boasts a lowering ramp and, naturally, a seat for Baby Yoda. In a Russian TV interview, Fyodorov estimates the project to have cost over US$10,200 (S$13,000).

To see his vision through, the builder used his savings and sold his car. Eventually likeminded Russians and companies pitched in and the ship was finally created. Fyodorov believes that his Razor Crest replica is currently the only such cosplay ship in the world.

We agree, because it will be hard to find anyone else that driven to put together such an impressive build. Currently the space vessel has found a home in a park in the eastern Siberian city. Nestled on top of a hill, in one of the world’s coldest cities, it looks like the perfect resting ground for The Mandalorian’s beloved ride.

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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