Michael “Venom” Page, as his nickname suggests, is a lethal welterweight who competes in the Bellator MMA promotion. If you missed his fight earlier this morning, the undefeated 29-year-old Englishman produced a highlight-reel finish, knocking out Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos with a vicious flying knee. We’re not kidding when we say it was vicious either, Santos has reportedly suffered a fractured skull. This injury was probably unknown to Page at the time, considering he enthusiastically celebrated his eleventh consecutive victory with a curious Pokémon Go celebration. (See video above)

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To get you better acquainted with the promising Bellator Welterweight, here are ten quick facts about him:

1. Michael Page thinks he’s “not from this world” because of his fighting style that distinguishes him from other fighters.

2. Martial arts has always been in his family. His father was his instructor, while his mother and his siblings are fighters.

3. When asked who his dream fight would be, Michael says it would have to be his future self.

4. He likes to relax and unwind by spending time with his partner and family. Being extremely family-oriented, he enjoys discovering culture through food with them.

5. Michael believes that competition helps the sport grow and that more should be invested in athletes to improve their skills and thus, the overall sport.

6. He’s not chasing titles. Instead, he wants to leave an imprint on the sport by revolutionising the stand-up game in MMA.

7. Michael has always been a showman – he used to be a dancer in high school and he loves to dance the Salsa now.

8. He lists both of his coaches who train alongside him as his biggest inspirations because of their work ethic.

9. His favourite technique is the Blitz/Fly by – a long range technique which people aren’t used to. He’s knocked opponents out with this punch.

10. His advice for aspiring MMA fighters is “Be creative in your training and be open-minded in your body movements. Continuous learning is essential, especially in MMA as the game is constantly changing”.

Catch the repeat telecast of Page’s incredible display on Mon, 18 Jul at 10PM on KIX (Singtel TV Ch 309 and StarHub Ch 518)

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Top Ten Facts about Bellator’s Michael “Venom” Page
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