Despite the spirit of love still lingering in the air from earlier this week, Netflix wishes to inform you of the grim reality that 47% of couples in Singapore cheat on each other.

Stream cheat, that is.

If you’re unaware of what exactly that entails, it’s when one-half of a couple decides to skip ahead in a series that they’re supposed to be watching with their significant other. Chances are, this will seem all too familiar to you now. Don’t worry though, we’re not judging. Which such great shows to binge on Netflix, it can prove way too difficult to resist the temptation. Besides, with Netflix’s auto play function, who can blame you for moving on to the next episode? It just happens. And you’re not alone.

With Netflix expanding globally, stream cheating has now become a common occurrence around the world. Brazil helms the list with 58% of couples admitting they stream cheat, while Netherlands comes in last with only 27%. Singapore ranks pretty high on the list at 47%. To help you find out what kind of a cheater you are, Netflix has come up with a handy little quiz.

Here are a few more stats you should take a look at.

Credit: Netflix


If you’re looking to cover up your tracks, Netflix has your back. Here’s a quick video to show you how to go about the dirty deed with your partner being none the wiser.

Finally, if you’re feeling guilty, or worse yet, you get caught, allow Michael Bolton to teach you how to say sorry in a bunch of different languages.

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