Tired of a barren love life? There are newcomers in the Singapore dating scene — you can now rent your ‘ideal’ date with this new service, and it’s gaining traction.

We know about online dating, but it surely isn’t what it used to be. Figuring out if your match is serious about a relationship or just in for the fun — it’s a blind guess half the time.

Meet Maybe, where you can go on a date with any of its thirty-two ladies and four gentlemen (at present)  — for a fee.

Not that it’s got to be a date date — if you need to even the numbers for a friends night out or a companion for your golf sesh, this can be for you too.

Seeking paid companionship isn’t unheard of, but it’s not exactly the most conventional option in our country. We had a chat with the team behind Maybe to find out more about its service.

AM: How does Maybe fit into Singapore’s dating landscape?

Maybe (MB): Singaporeans are very busy with their careers, so they want the experience of a relationship but without the complexity. Maybe lets you date anyone of your preference — regardless of age, looks and hobbies — no strings attached.

We have a diverse clientele too. An older woman can seek the company of a younger man and vice versa. We had a student who booked a date with an older woman, while another client was a divorcee in his 50s who wanted a younger, female companion.

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In the Netflix film The Perfect Date, the protagonist creates an app where clients can request for a customised date experience. Is this something that your clients can expect from Maybe?

Our clients can send these requests to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If a client wishes to play video games as an activity, we can look for members who share the same interest and match them together. Likewise, if the client likes karaoke, we can select a member who sings well.

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What are the prerequisites to join as a member? 

We have over a thousand applicants to date, but of course, we can’t take in everyone. We conduct stringent interviews as well. As for requirements — well, you have to be at least 18 years old. And you need to look the same in person as in your photos.

How does Maybe fit into the future of Singapore’s dating scene?

Maybe Asia aims to become a one-stop platform where everyone can meet anyone they want. We hope to brand ourselves as a dynamic agency where even models, influencers and celebrities can become part of our team.

Dating alternatives

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We thought Tinder was the new way of finding romance, as the rippling effect of increasingly digital lifestyles.

But Singaporeans are still joking about declining birth rates, and more people than ever are flying solo. As this reality unravels, alternatives arise, ready to take Tinder’s place in the Singapore dating scene.

The inner circle

Take The Inner Circle as another example. Besides an improved algorithm that includes matching professionals with shared interests, online dating is now merged with real life. You’ll literally meet your match at exclusive, monthly social gatherings, like gallery openings and cabaret nights.


And if you think it’s impossible to get lessons on love, there are classes to take at Fleek, a local date-coaching agency. For real — you get tailored assistance on various skills, like discovering your drawing factor and appealing to different individuals.

If we should take anything away from this, it’s that our very definition of romance has already changed — just maybe.

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