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Electric razors are technology’s convenient solution to our busy lifestyles but when it comes to a close shave, nothing quite beats the straight razor. That’s after all where the etymology of the phrase “close shave” comes from. Most of us however find the straight razor more than just a bit intimidating. Putting a blade to your neck is never a wise idea, at least from a personal point of view.

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In the first of a series of guide videos that we are presenting with Swiss watchmaker Tudor, we’ll show you how to go about executing a straight razor shave at home. It’s not as difficult as you’ll think, and not that costly either. In fact, there’s something very soothing and enjoyable about starting the day out with a straight razor shave, which gets your ready for the challenges of the day. We popped by the Sultans of Shave where master barber and co-owner Lewis showed our August Man A-Lister Fabio Paradiso how to get his facial hair shaved off smoothly in just a few minutes. The key is a steady hand, a good razor and a useful tip: never put your free hand on the side of the sharp side of the straight razor. You might end up slicing off more than just hair.

This video is brought to you by August Man and Tudor Watch. For more information on Tudor, click here.

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