So, you have moved into a new bachelor pad but that is just the first step of your journey as a homeowner. You also want to ensure you have the proper essentials ready to help elevate and maintain your living space. Fortunately, foodpanda and pandamart has ample supplies to suffice the needs of both you and your home.

From food to groceries and household items to tech toys and accessories and more, the platform serves as a one-stop solution for all your needs. Whatever you need to help enhance your home and your lifestyle, rest assured, foodpanda and pandamart will have them sorted.

Take the delivery platform for a spin to discover the many offerings yourself. You can also follow our curated guide below to discover some ideas on how you can utilise some of the extensive offerings from the many shops, restaurants, and vendors, which best of all, can be delivered to you in a flash.

Home Improvement

A home is not quite a home without some important essentials. One of the main areas you should look at is of course the kitchen.  Get your pantry stocked and ready with these important essentials such Golden F.K. Cambodia Jasmine Rice. The 5kg pack, which usually retails for S$9.60, is available at a promo price of S$8.75. Not only will you enjoy a 9% discount, but it also guarantees your kitchen is kept well-stocked with the staple Asian ingredient.

Need to whip up a quick pasta dish? Well, feast your eyes and stomach on the convenient and tasty Barilla Base Bolognese Pasta Sauce. The delicious contents within the 400g bottle provides the perfect base for any pasta dish. Plus at a promo price of S$3.95, which is 17% off its retail of S$4.75, it serves as a handy and affordable sauce to have when you need to whip up a quick meal.

Cooking will naturally leave a mess, so its wise to stock up some must-have cleaning essentials for the pantry. Keep your dishes squeaky clean with Glo Nature Pomegranate & Yuzu Lemon Dishwashing Liquid. The 900ml bottle costs only S$2.95, which is 9% off its usual price of S$3.25. Make sure your sinks are always free from gunk with Mr Muscle Sink & Drain Declogger. The 500ml bottle usually retails for S$7.85, but you can bag it now at promo price of S$6.40, representing an 18% discount.

Health & Beauty

Never neglect your bathrooms either. Keep a checklist of items so that they are well-stocked with essentials for you and your guests. Items such as Shokubutsu Men 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash – Fresh Blast, will keep you feeling fresh and cool with its anti-bacterial, deodorizing and cooling properties. Get the 850ml bottle now at S$10.50, which is 16% off its usual price of S$12.50.

Keep dry in the sweltering heat with Nivea Men Dry Impact Deodorant Stick. The 40ml stick is now offered at a promo price of S$4.68, which is 20% off its normal price of S$5.85. Not just a great bargain, but the anti-perspirant will provide you with round the clock protection against sweat and body odour.

Improve The Home Office

Working from home is part of the new normal but that does not mean you need to resign your workspace to the kitchen table.  Maximise your WFH experience by creating your own office space within your home. Check out foodpanda shops for ideas to upgrade your home office set-up with a range of accessories to maximise productivity. You also get to enjoy free deliveries for purchases above S$47.00.

Take for instance the Choetech Laptop Bracket from Tech House. The detachable and portable laptop holder boasts an adjustable and ergonomic design with multiple heights that delivers optimal viewing angles. Plus with its portable design you can take it anywhere.

You also need to be constantly charged to your mobile devices and that is where the Skinmate Wireless Charger Mouse Pad from The Digital Gadgets comes in handy. Retailing for S$27.16, the mouse pad doubles up as a wireless charger allowing you to keep your smart device charged whilst you go about your duties.  Shop now to take advantage of the 30% off discount from the store.

With video conferencing on the rise, you need to ensure you always look your best. The Gadget Mix 14 Inches Live Streaming Ring Light, optimises your look with a three light colours for your lighting needs. Powered by a USB, the 14-inch ring light also fits a variety of mobile phones. Priced at S$39.90, it is a small price to pay to look good on any virtual call. Shop Gadget Mix on pandamart now and you will also enjoy 5% off.

Power Through The Day

No productive working day is complete without the proper sustenance to keep you going. Fortunately, there is ample choice of F&B options from foodpanda to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Get your caffeine fix from Common Man Coffee Roasters. The outlet also has great choices for easy to consume snacks and mains for a quick bite. Similarly, PS. Cafe Petit has a hearty selection of pizzas, burgers, salads, and their signature bunwich to tuck into whilst you work through lunch.

Game Night With The Mates

When the working week is done, there is nothing better than having a few friends over to indulge in some fun quality time. Your new pad will undoubtedly provide the perfect venue for gatherings. As the honorary host, you have got to keep the cupboard and refrigerator properly stocked with beverages and snacks.

A bottle of Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon, will go down smoothly with your besties. The elegant and well-rounded wine also pairs well with meals. Plus at a promo price of $S20.00 (a discount of 20% of its usual price of S$24.90), it will also not break the bank. Additionally, if you want more than a bottle (or to stock up), pandamart is also running a Wine Fair from 23-31 July with attractive Buy 1 Get 1 deals, along with discounts off selected wines.

When the case of the munchies hits, rest assured there are plenty of options to choose from (both healthy and indulgent). Go with the tried-and-tested crowd favourite like Pringles Original Crisps (158 g) for S$2.70. Take a bite out of the many fast-food offerings on foodpanda such as Shake Shack for delectable burgers, fries, and milkshakes as well as signature pizzas from Dominos and more.

Need to inject a bit of fun to the evening’s festivities? Get your hands on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PS5. Take turns playing as the new web-slinger in the smash hit and highly addictive video game, which retails for S$67.90 from Toy or Game on foodpanda shops. You can enjoy free deliveries for items over S$47.00 too.

For those who need something a bit more traditional and yet still fun, get your hands on The Singaporean Dream. Retailing for S$20 from 7-Eleven, the humorous card game lets you pay, steal, and sabo your way to be the perfect Singaporean.

A Romantic Evening With The Significant Other

Share the space and warmth of your new home with your significant other. With a bit of thought, ingenuity, and forward planning, it may well provide you the perfect setting for a romantic evening at home.

Set the mood with a 3 Stalks Red Rose Bouquet from Xpressflower (S$48.00) and pamper her with a gift or two. We recommend the LUSH Peachy Bath Bomb S$15 from Flaming Queen. The sweet and fruity bath bomb creates a fast-fizzing, mood-mellowing experience, which she will appreciate after a long day. Flaming Queen also stocks the Collines White Lily Aromatic Bunch Diffuser, which is a thoughtful consideration. Available at a promo price of S$53.91 (usual price of S$59.90, representing 10% off) it is the perfect floral scent to brighten up her home or office.

Ease yourselves into the evening with a couple of glasses of Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon as foodpanda has already sorted out your romantic dinner ahead. You may be spoilt for choice on what to order but we do have some choice suggestions.

For a hearty Mediterranean meal, there is Bakalaki Greek Taverna with its signature offerings such as Horitiki (salad), Htapodi (octopus) and Paidaikia (lamb chop). From 19 to 31 July you will also get to enjoy 30% off pick-up, which is considerable value for a truly appetizing meal.

You can also add a touch of French flair to the evening with one of the many creations from Taratata Brasserie. Choose from signatures such as the Caprese salad, Duck confit or Ribeye.  The outlet also has several selections of three-course set menus to select from if you are stuck on ideas.

For more unique offerings and ideas to help enhance your bachelor pad and lifestyle check out foodpanda,  pandamart and foodpanda shops today.

(Images: foodpanda)

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Richard went from the confines of the kitchen working as a professional chef into the realm of media twenty years ago. In his two-decade career in writing, he has plied his trade in a number of regional print and digital media organisations in the lifestyle, in-flight, entertainment and finance space. When not busy chasing deadlines and writing stories for AugustMan, you can find him experimenting with recipes in his kitchen.
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