The topic of working from home has become trendier than the latest TikTok hype. A plethora of issues arise especially when said topic is brought up: noise factors, lack of a suitable office area, time-management, the list is endless.

The creators of ErgoTune-Singapore’s cult-favourite ergonomic work chair-aims to further craft the perfect home workspace with the EverDesk+.

This eponymous, height-adjustable smart standing desk was the result of a vision to build a dream work desk with all the attachments, whilst keeping users healthy and active during work hours.


The migration from using the floor as an office space at home to this height-adjustable standing desk has been an absolute dream. With its highly customisable feature, the Everdesk+ caters to any user’s personal desk habits, workflow, and space requirements.



The highlight of this technological front runner is the new Health Coach function. It is a smart feature that nudges users into healthy desk habits, by reminding them to sit and stand at preferred intervals.

Set reminders in time intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes and wait for the gentle vibration to remind the user to adjust the height of the desk. This function encourages a healthy work routine proven to improve blood circulation and maintain good health even while working.



I’m also a strong believer that a messy desk is a messy headspace. Everdesk+ has an integrated multi-functional UniGroove system which manages all my cables, just by plugging them through a stopper. The wired mess falls neatly below the desk into a cable management tray.

The UniGroove also functions as an upright phone or tablet holder for easy access and usability.

My desire for a clean desk is further assisted with a myriad of accessories.  The Pegboard panels allow me to clip documents, stationery and knick-knacks around the desk without having to drill more holes into my wall.

Modular tabletop shelves are secured in place via the UniGroove, allowing me to have more surface area to slot in any notebooks or even decorative items.

My laptop now has its own space on a float monitor arm and no longer blocks the view of my desktop or causes me neck aches—a very welcomed convenience.



The desk glides smoothly, thanks to a dual motor system. The desk control system even comes with a child lock function. This allows the desk to grow together with any family without child or baby proof worries. Additionally, despite being rigorously tested, each desk comes with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

The range of available colours and finishes also means the Everdesk+ could fit into almost any interior. Depending on the type, the price ranges from S$599 to S$749.

With the Everdesk+, the customisation options are endless. Add on a Switch Underdesk Drawer (S$179) for extra shelving or hide stray documents in the Curvi Mobile Pedestal (S$249) to avoid eyesore. The creators even thought of an Anti-Fatigue Mat (S$69) for when we sit or stand to ensure that our feet are cushioned enough to eliminate fatigue.

It’s not just another desk. It’s a lifestyle change that everyone should integrate into their lives.

Get the Everdesk+ here


(Images Everdesk+)

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Alfieyah Abdullah

Alfieyah Abdullah has two vices. Her 30 bottle (and counting) collection of fragrances and an intense view on desserts.

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