Hallow’s Eve or Halloween is celebrated on 31 October every year in several countries. From lip-smacking delicacies to activities like trick-or-treating and pulling harmless pranks on friends and family, Halloween has its own way of spreading festive cheer.

Among the many other things that people do to celebrate this day, an essential part of it is dressing up as their favourite comic, movie, TV show characters or anything else they like, along with the complementing Halloween makeup.

However, in case you are still lacking the zeal to do all that, check out these 10 best Instagram accounts for Halloween makeup inspiration to create the scariest look and get your makeup game on point.

From tutorials on the Lava Girl, Sailor Moon, scary clowns and witches looks to the products — like body paint, white makeup and exposed fangs — used to create these Halloween makeup looks, find them all among these Instagram accounts.


halloween makeup
Image credit: @celine_bernaerts/Instagram

Simple yet effective (read: spooky), Celine knows how to pack a punch in her various looks, and this one is no different. A perfect makeup look for those who are all set to adorn the witch’s garb this Halloween, all you need to do is paint your lips ruby red and use an eyeliner (preferably of the same colour) to create a wavy triangle on the outer corner of your eyes.

Worried about where to buy these makeup products from? Fret not, Shopee has some amazing options for coloured eyeliners and lipsticks.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Celine here.


Christopher creates the perfect clown look to scare your friends out of their wits. Firstly, paint your face white. Then, use black eyeliner to darken your eye area and apply liquid lipstick to create a blood-like appearance around the eyes. Apply some around your nose and lips too.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Christopher here.


Planning to dress like an air hostess this Halloween? Look no further as Frances has you sorted.

All you have to do is pair a red dress with a red beret and heels. Wear your hair loose or tie it in a faux bob. Pick up the juiciest shade of red for your lips and paint your nails red. This can be your go-to account for Halloween makeup inspiration.

Go all out with your eye makeup and let your eyes do the talking. Use some blue eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. Use black eyeliner to shape your eyes. If you can create a winged look, that would be great — cat-eye flicks on point!

You can get your blue eye shadow from here.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Frances here.


Create a dusty look with some silver and grey eyeshadow. Use ruby red lipstick and smudge it at the corner of your lips to create an injured look. Colour your cheeks and eye area with grey eyeshadow to enhance the ghostly look.

Get your grey and black eyeshadow palette here.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Joel here.


Image credit: @rowisingh/Instagram

Remember Lady Gaga’s The Countess look from American Horror Story (2011– )? For this easy-to-create look, bleach your eyebrows and choose a rosy eyeshadow to highlight your eyes. Opt for mahogany-coloured lipstick.

Once done, use a reddish-toned liquid lipstick to make a splatter-y effect around the eyes, lips and neck — a golly blood-y affair! Rock this spooky season with this look. Choose from easy-to-follow makeup tutorials to create another Halloween makeup look.

Planning to nail this look? Get your rosy eyeshadow with a pearly finish and liquid lipstick.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Rowi here.


Image credit: @seanskyii/Instagram

Those who want a more artsy look can opt for this one. Creative and creepy — the perfect Halloween look. Paint your face white and make an inverted square with black eyeliner on one eye and a winged look on the other. Draw some stars with an orange eyeliner. Paint your lips black and highlight your cheeks and nose with orange. You are good to go, watch a tutorial of this look here.

Look through their posts for more Halloween makeup inspiration and the products required to create the look.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Seansky here.


Image credit: @annabellstyle/Instagram

This Halloween, channel your inner gothic chic as you take cues from Annabell. Use a brown lip pencil to highlight your lips and then use a creamy shade. Bleach your eyebrows and rock the winged eyeliner look.

Take it a step further by drawing a black rose on your face just like Annabell has. Use a thin-tipped eyeliner for the same. Her Halloween makeup ideas will bowl you over.

Get your thin-tipped eyeliner from here.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Annabell here.


Image credit: @char_barker/Instagram

Give the creepy doll look a twist this season. Opt for a clear face look, let your natural skin take centre stage. Proceed to draw an ellipse around your eyes and lips. Use some golden eyeshadow or glitter around the corner of your eyes. Now comes the masterstroke, use false eyelashes in the outer corners of your eyes to complete the look.

Bingo! You are all set to rock the party and look stunning too. Wear a cute dress, curl your hair, and you are all set. This look is what dreams are made of.

Watsons has some great eyeshadow and fake eyelash options.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Charlotte here.


Cesario presents a scarier version of a clown getup. Start with a clean face, paint half of your face white and half of your lips blue. Shade the eye area of the white side of your face in vibrant hues and give your eyebrow a bold look, with black droplets falling on your cheeks.

The joker is one of the most popular looks for Halloween.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Cesario here.


Image credit: @makeupmaylen/Instagram

Time to get your game face on. If you are planning to take inspiration from Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, then this is exactly what you can do. Prime and contour your face like you usually do.

Make a bold winged eyeliner before proceeding to create a smokey eye look. Once done, use red or pink eyeshadow above it. This look is both spooky and cute.

Cover the remaining space between the red eyeshadow and your eyebrow with silver eyeshadow. Paint your lips black, draw some hearts on your cheeks and you are all set for the evening. Don’t forget to use some blush.

Get your eyeshadow palette here.

For Halloween makeup inspiration, follow Maylen here.

(Main and Feature image: @christopher_grave/Instagram)

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