The new Livingcare Water Dispensing Purifier combines the need for convenience as well as aesthetics.

Although water purifiers are more often a want, Livingcare’s purifiers demonstrate why we can depend on more than our tap for fresh-tasting water.

Conveniently, the Livingcare purifier doubles up as a dispenser. Enjoy a hot or cold refreshing drink with six different temperatures. From 7 to 90 degrees C, you can easily find your preferred temperature of water.

Compact and sleek design

Aside from no longer having to put the kettle on, the purifier will fit perfectly in any kitchen space; big or small. The dispenser weighs only 5.9 kilograms and has a width of only 13cm.

Its sleek nature allows homeowners to maximise kitchen space— a cause for concern for those living in small homes.

Another worry is the additional cost to the monthly electricity bill with the addition of another home appliance. However, Livingcare’s motorless dispenser is able to save electricity with its auto-shutdown function.

It shuts down the machine after minutes of inactivity, leading to significant savings in electricity. The eco-friendly mode also consumes zero energy while on standby mode.

Finally, the machine requires little to no maintenance. The dispenser’s auto-cleaning function reassures that no one spends precious time scrubbing away at a machine to maintain clean water.

Replacing the machine filters are easy. Simply remove the old filter bottles and slot the new ones at the side of the machine.

With Livingcare’s Jewel series, healthier living can be achieved with low costs and high convenience.

(Images: Livingcare)

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